Episode 013: Build Your Wealth with Purpose Advises JV Crum III

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JV Crum

JV Crum

Are you being real with yourself? Do you feel like you might have chosen you career for the wrong reasons?  We each have a purpose in life and rarely do enough of us take the time to explore it like JV Crum III.

By the age of 25 JV was already a millionaire, but he struggled to find his true purpose in life. He grew up poor in rural Florida. Once he achieved financial success, he realized he wasn’t all that happy. After a long journey he finally found his purpose to inspire others to build wealth with integrity.

JV’s new book, Conscious Millionaire, focuses on helping people consciously build businesses with service in mind. The first sentence of his book is a wake up call for us all, “If you miss your real journey, you miss your real life.”

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Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Be real with yourself!

JV believes in taking the time to discover your truest self. It’s important to be honest with your feelings, even if it means taking a major detour in life like JV has time and again.

Understanding the values you hold most dear are the greatest assets in your career. Don’t hide them, live them.



  • From the age of five, JV always thought he would become a doctor.  As he was on the verge of going to medical school, he decided he didn’t want to become one because he no longer had the passion for it.
  • His parents had taken on JV’s dream of becoming a doctor and it was harder for them to let go because of all the sacrifices they made for it.
  • Through his study of chemistry and physics he discovered his love for numbers and eventually became a tax attorney.
  •  JV has an MBA, a JD and a masters in psychology.
  • Financial struggle was a fact of life for JV growing up in rural Florida.  At a young age he decided to become a millionaire.
  • He learned about business by turning around some family companies and selling them off; making him a millionaire by the age of 25.
  • After he sold his companies and achieved his dream of financial success he went on a spiritual journey because he wasn’t happy. He drove 30,000 miles across Canada and studied meditation at a Buddhist monastery.
  • JV moved to Boulder, CO after his journey and did a lot of personal development work by camping.
  • He had an epiphany in a hot tub and discovered the term “conscious millionaire”. It was the assignment he was seeking from his lifelong quest.
  • JV spent seven years writing his book. He wants to teach people how to build a business based on the difference you want to make in the world.   

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

JV recommends being of service to people and finding ways to help them.

More often than not when we are seeking a job or starting a new business we generally spend more time asking people for something.  JV advises giving some of yourself away. Here are a few small ways to give back as you conduct your business:

1. Write a review for a local business you regularly patronize.

2. Connect two of your colleagues on LinkedIn you think might be able to help each other.

3. Instead of attending a seminar, workshop or conference, ask them if they need any help running it.

4. Share information like articles, books, blog posts and podcasts that you think will help your business connections.

Instead of asking for help, ask how you can help others. Rather than ask a company for a job, ask if there is some small way you can help that company. Consciously be of service to others and you’ll be surprised how you’ll be rewarded.


Free Conscious Millionaire ebook 

Conscious Millionaire

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