How To Get Unstuck: The Most Important Thing You Need To Learn

Today is our 150th episode of the UnStuckable podcast. (You can listen to it below)

Today’s a really big day for Stephen and me because it’s also my first episode after quitting my job to join Stephen full time on UnStuckable. I’m more excited than ever.

We’ve spent a year researching how people get stuck, why people get stuck and how people become unstuckable.

Today we are ready to share what we think is the first step to getting unstuck and becoming unstuckable.

Stephen has interviewed hundreds of people about their career stories, their stuck moments, their habits and their goals. We have gathered their advice and their recommendations for how to become unstuckable to share with you

After almost 1 million downloads and hundreds of different perspectives about how to get unstuck, we believe we have identified the first step to take control of your life, to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur, to become a more effective entrepreneur and to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

You need to learn about yourself.

It’s the most important subject that has never been taught to you.

Think about it.

Do you know how you like to learn? Can you clearly explain your personality type? Do you know how to conquer the fear and anxiety that are holding you back from your dreams? What are your strengths? When are you most productive? How do you explain the story of your career? What’s your optimal work environment? Do you really know why you are doing what you do?

People get stuck in their careers because they don’t see new opportunities or options for their skills. Entrepreneurs get stuck because they choose business models and create businesses that don’t match up with their unique needs and abilities.

Learning about yourself provides the framework, the foundation and the reference that allows you to make a truly educated decision about which options and opportunities are best suited to you.

Learning about yourself will make you a better human being and we believe that all human beings are entrepreneurs.

The vast majority of people feel so stuck, they avoid attempting to answer the hardest question in life, “What do you want to do with your time?”

No one can answer that question for you but you. The first step is learning about yourself and cultivating a habit of self-awareness. Stephen has been on this path for over 14 years now and he said he has never learned more about himself than over the past year because of UnStuckable.

There are lots of different ways to go about learning about yourself. Lots of people have recommended resources and books about how to begin your journey of self exploration.

Here’s how we are going to help you start unraveling the mystery that is YOU and learn about yourself!

First, we are going to choose 10 books about how to learn about yourself. Most people don’t have extra time to read that many books about one topic. Listening to audiobooks is also a major time commitment too.

We’re going to read books for you and share what we’ve learned.

Second, even the most in-depth books generally offer only one or only a handful of perspectives on a given subject.  When you want to learn about yourself, it’s just too hard to rely only on one perspective, so that’s why we are diving into 10 different books.

Third, we are going to create an online course to help you learn about yourself from a wide array of perspectives based on the amazing books that have been recommended by our community.

Over the next week Stephen and I will be organizing a list of 10 books about how to learn about yourself. We will share the list of books with you next week.

Why? Why are we doing this?

I believe that work is changing at a dramatic pace and we need to learn to manage our lives and careers differently.

Stephen believes that true freedom only comes from accepting who you really are as a unique individual and it is a lack of self-awareness that prevents people from discovering their true self.

We set out to learn about what gets people stuck in life and how they can get themselves unstuck. We are excited to discover it all starts by educating yourself about what makes you tick and why you live the way you do.

Learning about yourself is the most important step toward becoming unstuckable.

You can listen to this weeks episode to learn more about our transition from researching to teaching you how to become unstuckable.

Thanks for being a part of the UnStuckable community.

Be unstuckable!