Episode 155: Strengths Challenge – How To Find Your Strengths

This week we took the StengthsFinder assessment. Listen to the show as we share the results of our strengths challenge, what we learned and what actions we will take.

Chris: I’ve put myself in the wrong bucket for years! Before taking the StrengthsFinder test I used my own ideas and experiences to haphazardly pick the leadership profile I thought was a best fit for me. I learned I was wrong.

Stephen: I have to admit, the most important thing I learned about myself after taking the StrengthsFinder assessment wasn’t identifying my strengths. I was more excited about how I can better communicate those strengths when I work with others.

On the show:

  • Why you should take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.
  • What Chris learned about his strengths.
  • What Stephen learned about his strengths.
  • Quick actions we are taking to implement what we learned.

Listen to the show.