Episode 154 – 7 Year Story of Starting TheDistilledMan.com with Kyle Ingham

Kyle Ingham had to quit his job twice to follow his passion and build his business. This week we discuss his journey, ups & downs and mindset he’s had while following his passion and starting thedistilledman.com.

On the show:

  • The inspiring moment that sparked Kyle’s inspiration.
  • What it was like to have a day job and a passion on the side.
  • How he quit his job the first time.
  • What it was like to have to go back to work.
  • What kept him going though his first few years.
  • Failing slowly and failing fast
  • The role of habits in his life and business
  • The good and bad of going out on your own
  • How to find your passion.

How Kyle defines unstuckable:

An unstuckable person is… “someone who is willing to keep going forward no matter how hard or challenging they feel the situation is.”

Kyle’s recommended resources:

Kyle’s quick Action to get unstuck:

  • To get unstuck. Get out of the building. Get away from the computer and try to get some physical perspective.

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