Episode 145: Learn How To Get A Free Education With Jay Malone

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Jay Malone German University

Jay Malone


Jay Malone wants to inspire you to get a free education by seeing the world. He also wants to share how you can get an advanced degree at no cost by studying at a German university.



Are you tired of paying to go to school? Jay founded EightHoursAndChange.com to help people get their bachelors or masters degree from world-class educational institutions for free. Yup that’s right, free! You can get your advanced degree at no cost and with no debt, as well as enjoy a life-altering journey like Jay!

Jay graduated into the Great Recession of 2008. His job prospects were bleak, so took the first decent paying job he could find. In time he realized he was comfortable working there, but not happy. He made the decision to pick up everything and take an eight-hour flight from his home in Chicago to move Germany to pursue an advanced degree.

Not only did he expand his formal education, but travel opportunities provided him with incredible educational opportunities no university could offer.  After he graduated he took a job teaching English in Slovakia.  Still in his early 20s, he was offered a position to become the director of a school in Kazakstan!

Now back living and working in Germany, Jay started EightHoursAndChange.com to inspire and educate Americans about the hard-to-believe opportunity being provided by German universities.

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If you are interested in learning more about advanced degree opportunities in Germany and would like a free consultation with Jay, email him at  jay@eighthoursandchange.com and tell him you heard his interview on UnStuckable!


Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Keep a journal.

As we’ve heard from many of our guests before, Jay recommends starting a writing habit to get unstuck.

Write every day about anything that’s on your mind. You may even want to set a goal for yourself by writing a minimum of 250 or 500 words a day. Sometimes using writing as an action to stimulate your thoughts or to create momentum toward your goal is more important than what you actually write about.

Everyone once in a while, go back and read what you wrote. You will often find that you are able to examine your thoughts from a fresh perspective and you will see the growth occurring in your life more clearly.

UnStuckable Quotes From Jay

“I think that a mistake that people make is that they think their degree defines their life, and that’s just not true at all.”

“That’s the worst combination – where you’re miserable but you’re comfortable.”

“I would rather fail because I tried than to never know what would have happened.”

“I am absolutely in love with being an entrepreneur.”

“It’s a rare person that is born with the drive to be an entrepreneur.”

“New ideas are like viruses.”

“Self awareness is when you stop lying to yourself.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Travel. Leave your comfort zone. Everyone has a different tolerance for risk. Jay felt he needed to take a big trip to get unstuck. For others taking a day trip a couple hours away could be enough. Travel forces you to get out of your comfort zone and to do things you wouldn’t normally do.
  • Don’t let your degree define you. Your degree doesn’t have to predestine you to work in a particular field the rest of your life. You can choose to do something entirely different at any time you want.  You can choose to see new opportunities to apply your knowledge or not. The choice is up to you.
  • Be flexible. Take advantage of opportunities as they come to you both in your career and personal life. Don’t wait around for the perfect opportunity. They rarely come around exactly when you are ready for them.
  • Develop a learning habit. When Jay decided to travel to Germany, he did it to further his education, not just to see the sights. Throughout his journey Jay has always been learning new things along the way, whether it be a new skill or a new language. Always put a priority on learning new things whenever and wherever you can. The rewards might not be immediately evident, but they will enhance your overall value.

Jay’s UnStuckable Lesson

Jay taught us how travel can be an amazing method of acquiring an education about a wide range of concepts and skills for free. All too often we’ll settle for misery because the thought of change seems more uncomfortable. Travel forces you to get outside this comfort zone and the opportunity to truly examine yourself.

Here are Jay’s key recommendations for planning a trip to get unstuck:

#1 Choose “Where”

Put some real thought into a place you really think would help you explore yourself. Don’t just pick a place because it’s cheap to get to or is nearby. Find a place that just feels “right” to you. Some place that deep down in your soul you know you want to go to. Your brain has already figured it out for you, just trust your brain and go with it.

#2 Promise Not to Turn Down an Offer

There are some exceptions of course – don’t do anything illegal and be safe of course! For the most part, you should take advantage of every offer or invitation that comes your way. If someone invites you out for a drink, take them up on it. The first few weeks in a new place are the best time to meet people because everyone loves showing a “newbie” around. Find out how people organize themselves socially in the place you are visiting and get yourself involved.

#3 No Pride

Don’t stop yourself from trying new things because you are too prideful. You can do things that you were too uncomfortable to try back home, so take advantage of this opportunity.  You no longer have to live up to your old identity and the people in your new location still really don’t know what you are all about. Don’t worry about looking like a fool, just go for it.

#4 Support Yourself  Financially

Once you have established yourself socially, you have to think about how you are going to support yourself financially. While people may offer you advice about jobs in that country, it is better to find out for yourself. Be proactive and put yourself out there. You will realize that there are more opportunities than you expected.



Contact Jay at jay@eighthoursandchange.com

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