Episode 144: Learn How to Create Your Own Career Style With Kelly Studer

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Kelly Studer Career Stylist

Kelly Studer

Does your career need a makeover? Kelly Studer wants to show you how to find your own unique work style rooted in your hidden talents.



Kelly tried on many different careers in her life in her question to find work she truly loved. She’s worked as a recruiter and even as a film producer.  She finally discovered the thread of her career: identifying other people’s hidden talents and finding them work to celebrate those talents.

Kelly believes career design begins by digging into your past. Think of yourself as your own personal historian. Start by understanding your strengths, motivations, values and work patterns, so you can align them with career paths best suited for your unique talents.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Take one step toward your goal.

When you are thinking about all of the things you need to do in order to reach a goal you can become overwhelmed. Instead, focus only on the first, tiny step toward your big goal. Get that one step behind you and then take the next tiny step. Each step helps you build momentum.

UnStuckable Quotes From Kelly

“I love complex things that I can never totally master.”

“I’m really good at discovering people’s talent and potential, then putting them in the right place.”

“We almost pigeonhole ourselves rather than others pigeonholing us.”

“I think that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, having a purpose.”

“Anytime you can get out of your everyday environment it’s going to open things up for you.”

“It can be so overwhelming on what it takes to get there that you end up doing nothing.”

“The most important thing you can do is just take the first step.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Write things down. Kelly says a writing habit helps her see things more clearly.
  • Don’t get wrapped up in titles. Try not to label yourself or you just end up sticking yourself in a corner. Just because your degree is in one particular field, doesn’t mean it should prevent you from other opportunities outside your field.
  • Move around. When Kelly is feeling really stuck, she simply moves away. Going to a new city forces her to be more creative and resourceful.
  • Travel for traveling’s sake, not to find yourself. Kelly says that while travel is a great way to take some time to think, you need to be more intentional about diving into yourself in your everyday life.
  • Picture what your future will look like. At one point in her career Kelly felt miserable. By imagining the future she was able to realize she was not on the correct path.

Kelly’s UnStuckable Lesson

Kelly says too often people rely too much on a mentor or a boss to tell them what to do with their careers. She believes their time would be better spent figuring it out for themselves. Kelly recommends getting started with these three actions:

#1 Unearth Your Talents

Designing your career begins by unearthing your hidden talents. Kelly offers a few suggestion to discover your talents us a few suggestions:

  • Try taking the Strengths Finder 2.0 test. This can give you a good idea as to what you are good at, but make sure you really dive deep into each question and go over each result carefully.
  • Ask other people to identify your talents.  You might be surprised when others identify talents that you’ve taken for granted!
  • Dig into your past. Try to remember what you’ve been passionate about earlier in your life.  Also, think about skills that came easily to you. They might seem mundane, but they also might be talents you’ve overlooked.

#2 Figure Out Your Values

Think about the peak experiences in your life. Moments that were particularly profound or those times you felt the most alive. It can be a single moment or even an entire year. It can be a good or maybe even a bad experience, just as long as it is significant.

Once you’ve identified some of those peak experiences, investigate the underlying values that guided your response to that experience.  If you have trouble describing those values, consider talking out this exercise with a good friend or family members. Tell them the story of your peak experience and see what values they can identify.

#3 Write Your Own Job Description

Write out your ideal job description or work opportunity. Write down every detail, no matter how small. Where are you working? Who are you working with? What are your job responsibilities? Do you have a boss, or do you work for yourself? What about it makes you want to get out of bed?

Don’t worry about the title, focus only on the description. Once you are done you can think of a title that fits the description. Remember that you shouldn’t be 100% qualified for this work opportunity, stretch yourself a little bit. To make this exercise a little easier, download this worksheet from Kelly. 



Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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