Episode 135: The First Action to Get Unstuck Recommended More Than Any Other

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Stephen Warley UnStuckable

Stephen Warley

It’s been six months since UnStuckable launched and of the 135+ interviews we’ve conducted, there is one quick action to get unstuck recommended by our guests more than any other! (Read on below to find out what it is!) Plus listen to our BIG announcement about new online courses! 

We’ve had almost 500,000 downloads since we launched on April 1st, so it turns out there are lots of people feeling stuck out there! Chris and I have learned a TON about what gets people stuck in their career. Check out our ultimate list of reasons for getting stuck (please feel free to add to it by posting a comment!) We have also learned about the most effective actions, skills and habits that can get you unstuck.

We’ve been interviewing people from all different kinds of career paths to show you there are endless options for how you can design your life in ways that may have never occurred to you before. (Check out the resources below for some of our favorites.)

Now we want to start teaching what we’ve learned and we need your help! When you join UnStuckable, you’ll be asked to suggest a course idea about something you want to learn more about to help you get unstuck.

Recommend UnStuckable Courses!

What kind of course can we create just for you? What do you want to learn about getting unstuck or working on your own terms?  Tell us what you want us to teach you that you haven’t found anywhere else.

When you join UnStuckable, you will receive information on how to submit your awesome course idea.  The first 100 members that send us a suggestion, will get access to our first course for free!

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Key UnStuckable Takeaway

There is no longer any reason to feel alone if you are feeling stuck!

Chris and I started UnStuckable because we wanted to create a community of people who wanted to live and work more intentionally. We don’t want you to feel alone. You shouldn’t feel ashamed if you are feeling stuck and don’t know what you want to do.  Think of feeling stuck as an awareness that you know you aren’t doing what you really want to do, but you just haven’t figured out how you want to get there yet!

When you join UnStuckable, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group, where you can get support, advice and inspiration from other people like you who want to become UnStuckable!  You can also always email Chris and myself at getunstuck@unstuckable.co

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Get your thoughts out of your head by writing them down!

Of the 135+ people we’ve interviewed, the number one recommended “quick action to get unstuck” has been a writing exercise!

The process of writing out your dreams, ideas and goals turns them into a physical form, so you can respond to them in a new way outside of your head. Writing down your thoughts also enables others to engage and react to them, helping you build momentum toward your goal.

Stop locking up your dreams inside the prison of your mind and set them free by writing about them! Try one of these three writing exercises:

1. Write down what you want out of life. How you want to spend your time? What you want to do for work?

2. Track your positive and negative feelings each day.  Here are some more detailed guidelines.

3. Create a “To Don’t List”. Call yourself out on all of your distractions. Make a list of habits, actions and activities that are doing absolutely nothing to help achieve your goal or your desired lifestyle.

UnStuckable Quotes From Stephen

“My time is more important than financial rewards.”

“People get stuck because they don’t see other options.”

“I want to help people use their time in a meaningful way, not just effectively.”

“Work doesn’t have to be miserable to be considered work.”

“A better version of networking is looking for ways to offer your help.”

“Get out of your own way by writing down what you are thinking.”

“If you want real freedom, focus on how you want to spend your time.”

“If you are feeling stuck, don’t put up walls.”

More Habits & Actions

  • In today’s fast changing economy don’t overlook “reverse mentorship” by seeking out individuals who might be younger than you, but hold unique insights and experiences you don’t possess.  Stephen is 10 years older than Chris, but Chris is one of Stephen’s most valuable mentors.
  • Learn to align your energy and time toward your goal to reduce your stress and to increase your productivity. Try listing out activities and tasks you would perform during your ideal day versus the ones you perform today.
  • The best way to deal with continual change is to constantly keep learning new skills and concepts.
  • The key to networking is to never stop doing it and offering your help is a better form of networking than asking for something.
  • If you feel stuck be aware of any walls you might put up.  Saying yes and being open to opportunities with help you get unstuck faster than almost any other action you can take.


Suggest a Course to Get Unstuck When You Join UnStuckable

Nancy Sathre-Vogel’s bike adventure inspired her vision for road schooling.

Libby Tucker wants you to live and work anywhere.

Nathaniel Boyle believes travel is one of the best vehicles to explore yourself.

Listen to how Carolyn Jasinski, Regan Starr, James Sheridan and Jon Spitz all created their own jobs.

Ethan Waldman built a tiny house to eliminate his housing expense.

Mary Carlomagno started subtracting things from her life for one year to become more fulfilled.

Thomas Frank, Zach Sexton and Mike Vardy are rethinking what productivity really means.

Saul of Hearts and Pam Slim want us to identify ourselves by our skills to broaden our work opportunities.

David Koertz and Leigh Kellis started small food businesses with no prior experience.

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