Episode 131: Align Your Different Passions Toward One Goal Like Jennifer Idol

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Jennifer Idol Underwater Design

Jennifer Idol

Jennifer Idol managed to combine her diverse passions of photography, scuba diving and design into one business idea. She recently started Underwater Design to show people amazing life that exists in their local waterways through her stunning photographs.  She travels all over the country seeking new and amazing bodies of water to explore.

Jennifer started her career studying painting and graduated from college with a design degree. Then she worked in real estate for 10 years, taking photos for events or designing brochures.

Since the age of 14 she has also been a scuba diver, and now holds over 26 different scuba diving certifications! During one of her scuba diving trips, as she was on a plane that flew over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf. She was able to see the oil spill on fire. This unimaginable scene had a profound affect on her.  She became inspired to document her underwater adventures so that others could see and appreciate them.

Eventually her path lead to the founding of The Underwater Designer, where she now sells her photographs online. Jennifer’s path is an inspirational example of how you can create a unique work opportunity unique suited to your needs by combining your diverse passions into one project.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Have an intentional alignment of your needs and passions toward a common goal!

Jennifer had many different interests in her life. After many years she came to realize how they could all align them towards a specific goal. She has a deep understanding of her strengths and how her skills can be applied to unique work opportunities.

As she become more aware of how to integrated her passions toward a common cause she took intentional actions to build a life around her own unique visions of it.  Don’t think of your varying passions or goals as competing priorities, think of of ways to integrate them into one mission for your life.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Write your passions down.

Take some time to think about where your passions lie. Write down whatever interests you onto a piece of paper. Once you have these written down, start writing down the small steps you are taking or can take right now toward your goals. Documentation of your progress will help you build momentum and fuel your motivation.

UnStuckable Quotes From Jennifer

“I’d always been an artist from the get-go.”

“Very early on I learned that our planned hopes and dreams might not be what they end up being.”

“Pretty much any type of diving you can think of,  I’ve done.”

“If you’re worried about the cleanliness of your (drinking) water, we should really take care of it.”

“When I first started out, I was very rigid and planned. . .  I’m more open now to accepting opportunities.”

“It’s very scary to let go.”

“It’s important to not just do your project, but to share your project with people.”

“It’s nice to have an area of focus. You can’t be an expert on everything.”

“If you feel bad in your body, that translates into how you work.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Jennifer created a five-year milestone project. She first wrote it down, and this helped her see patterns in the actions she was taking toward her goal.
  • She understands the principal of hanging-out with like-minded people all too well. She decided to leave her dive group for another one, when she felt she was getting the support she wanted.
  • Open yourself up to new opportunities. Jennifer tells us that she used to be very planned and rigid, but when she opened herself up, things started to progress faster.
  • Do something that inspires others. Jennifer had a map on the wall of her office with pins of all the various dives she had completed. Her co-workers would come by and stare at it, and they would dream. Inspiring them in turn inspired Jennifer even more.
  • Jennifer started her business while she was still working full time at her office job. She would work a full day, then go home and work another full day. You have to put in the hours if you want to be successful, but be careful to not burn yourself out.
  • Engage with people. Jennifer says you can read about things all you want, but you’ll learn much more if you actually engage with the people who are doing it.


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