Episode 123: Learn To Honor What You Want To Do With Honoree Corder

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Honoree Corder Life Coach

Honoree Corder

Honoree Corder wants to to be true to yourself and follow your dreams. She is a business coach and personal transformation expert who focuses on helping clients build the business they want to support the lifestyle they want.

She has also written several books: Tall Order, Successful Single Mom, and Master Strategies for Explosive Business. She talked to us about how all her life she felt that there were things society was telling her to do, but she never listened.

After high school, many of Honoree’s friends went off to college to get degrees. Instead of following this traditional path, Honoree held several different jobs. By the time her friends were graduating, and looking for employment along with dealing with debt, Honoree was working and making good money.

Over the years she has tried several different businesses and not all of them have worked out. Her first business was a network marketing business, an idea she got from her parents. Now she works with clients to help them transform their lives as they chase their dreams.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Start honoring what you want to do!

A lot of us tell ourselves that our dream is foolish, or that we aren’t qualified to do it. We tell ourselves things like we are supposed to go to college, get a degree, find a career, get married and start a family. You don’t have to follow societies norms, you can do whatever it is you want. Think about what it truly is you want to do and start honoring it. Not following your dream is a disservice to yourself.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Visualize your ideal life.

We’ve heard this one before, but it bears repeating. Close your eyes and picture what your ideal life looks like. How are your spending your time? Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? Be as wild and imaginative as you want. This exercise is free, fun, and very enlightening.

UnStuckable Quotes From Honoree

“The wise decision as a single parent is to be an entrepreneur.”

“I was raised by entrepreneurial parents.”

“Just keep trying stuff until you hit the mother-load.”

“I don’t believe in perfection, but I do believe in progress.”

“I’m a nerd for personal growth.”

“I’m always going by the time the alarm goes off.”

“We’re still in a place in our society where college is an assumption.”

“Own your greatness.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Get passed your self doubt. Honoree wasn’t able to succeed until she stopped doubting that she was qualified.
  • If you feel you are meant to be an entrepreneur, keep trying different businesses until you find one that works.
  • Honoree works with people in 100-day increments. She says during the first 100 days, don’t expect much. During the second 100, look to gain rewards from first 100. The last 100 is when you really start to see momentum.
  • Develop a morning routine for yourself. Consider practicing these six habits: Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercising, Reading, and Writing. These don’t have to be separate acts, but can be combined into one routine.
  • Honoree says that for single parents, you should look for a business model you can plug into right away. Don’t pick something that won’t pay for a year if you need money next week.
  • Chip away at your goals. Even if you just do a little bit each day, you’ll be closer to your goal.
  • Get out of your own way. You can do whatever you want to do, regardless of what society tells you.



The Miracle Morning

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

The Game of Life and How To Play It by Florence Shinn

Your Word is Your Wand by Florence Shinn

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