Episode 121: Chase the Extraordinary With Joseph Logan

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Joseph Logan Coach

Joseph Logan

Joseph Logan is a business coach who wants to help people become extraordinary. He is also the author of the book Seven Simple Steps to Landing Your First Job and is currently working on his second book, Heretic: How Extraordinary Misfits Change the Rules and Change The World. He talks to us about how in today’s world, anything is possible, if we just go out there and make it happen.

As a kid, “extraordinary” was Joseph’s favorite word. Since then, he has spent his life chasing after it. Every 10 years or so, at the times he turned 20, 30, and 40, Joseph went through periods of rebirth and renewal. He re-evaluated his life at these moments and realized he was stuck. He knew he was stuck because he was working on the wrong things.

After deciding to chase the extraordinary, he has started his own business in which he helps leaders and team members reach their unique potential.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Challenge your constraints!

Joseph’s goal is to inspire other people to challenge their self-imposed constraints, as well as external ones. There are lots of new economic opportunities not immediately evident under the old economic paradigm. The web has made the development of new businesses targeting almost any niche now possible. It is all about finding weak spots in the status quo and going after them.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Write a “What Do I Want” page.

Knowing what it is you want to do is the biggest step to getting unstuck. Take out a pen and paper and just keep writing down the things that you want to do. Keep going until you find the thing that “makes your heart sing”. When you find the answer, you’ll feel it says Joseph.

UnStuckable Quotes From Joseph

I became a scholar of things that are extraordinary.”

“I feel like I was always trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, or someone else’s goals.”

“If you look at it in practical terms, it makes no sense at all.”

“I think our definition of ‘job’ is all messed up.”

“You bring a lot of patterns with you from the last place to the next place.”

“If you look for your passion, you’re never going to find it.”

“I never assume that what you like to do isn’t economically viable.”

“I walk through this world with wonder all the time.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Figure out your calendar. This is especially important for couples who are working on different things and trying to raise a family at the same time. Scheduling and working things out ahead of time is vital to keeping your relationship strong and your business growing.
  • Define your own goals. For a long time Joseph felt that he was trying to live up to someone else’s goals. It wasn’t until he realized that they were not his goals when he was able to become unstuck.
  • Don’t think that your idea isn’t viable. Plenty of businesses have started with crazy ideas that no one thought would work. Yours could be the next.
  • Joseph says that in order to be unstuckable, you need to have tenacity and purpose. If you have these two things, you’ll be able to pull through anything when you get stuck.
  • If you have kids, think about the values you’ll be passing on. Joseph changed his career because he wanted to do something extraordinary because that’s what he wants his kids to do.



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