Episode 120: Graduate From High School As A Millionaire? Not Just A Dream For Houston Gunn

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Houston Gunn

Houston Gunn

As Houston Gunn pursues his goal of becoming a millionaire by the time in graduates from high school, he shares how he balances his work as an entrepreneur, his studies as a high school student and his play as a 17-year old.

He is the author of two books, Schooled for Success and Shooting for Success. He is also a speaker, a real estate investor and a private money lender. Get this, he’s only 17 years old. Houstan wants to graduate high school as a millionaire and is well on his way to doing so. He also wants to inspire other students to become entrepreneurs too.

While in high school, Houston had an English assignment that changed his life. He was assigned to do a 1000 word essay on any topic of his choosing. He told his teacher that he wanted to write about first trustee lending. He had previously been interested in this topic, so much so that he was considering writing a book about it.

He thought the essay would be a good place to start. The teacher rejected idea, saying the topic wasn’t substantial enough. He didn’t want to write on another topic, but was eventually forced to do so.

Houston ended up getting an ‘F’ on the paper because he didn’t have an interest in the assigned topic, and it showed. He used that event as a stepping stone, and now he doesn’t let obstacles get in his way of following his passions.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Balance your work life with your personal life!

Although Houston is a teenage entrepreneur, he still makes time to be a teenager. He has learned to balance his work with his personal life. You don’t have to suffer in other areas of your life in order to achieve your goals. It is all about finding a harmony between the two that works for you.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Start asking for what you want.

Ask for little things to get you going toward your goal. Ask for what you want and don’t be afraid to be told no. You’ll be amazed where you can get by simply asking someone else for something you need. Don’t ask for anything huge, but rather small requests that people are likely to say “yes” to. The worst case scenario?  They say “no,” so there is no harm in asking.

UnStuckable Quotes From Houston

“I plan to graduate from high school as a millionaire.”

“It’s mainly about finding what you are passionate about.”

“I come from a whole family of entrepreneurs.”

” ‘Always ask’ is a motto I’ve firmly come to believe in.”

“Donald Trump was the first and only person to respond out of hundreds of emails.”

“You can’t give up when you’re told ‘no’ .”

“I have a whole lotta time ahead of me.”

More Habits & Actions

  • When he was younger, Houston attended conferences to learn more about his industry. If there is something you want to learn more about, see if there are places nearby that can teach you more about it.
  • Houston has followed his passion, regardless of what others say. His teachers have told him that the only way to be successful is to go to college and get a job afterwards. Houston wants to prove them wrong.
  • Have a network of people around you. Houston uses his family and other mentors for advice and support when he needs it.
  • Persistence is key. Houston would have never met Donald Trump if he had given up. He had to go through a lot of hoops in order to contact him, but eventually it paid off.
  • Keeps things in perspective. Houston wants to reach his goal, but doesn’t want to miss out on his teenage years either. Don’t sacrifice your personal life for your work life.
  • Keep a calendar that you can plan out your day.  This will allow you to stay organized and manage your time properly.


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