Episode 119: Find Your Motivation For Learning With Gabby Wallace And Lindsay McMahon

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Lindsay McMahon & Gabby Wallace All Ears English

Lindsay McMahon & Gabby Wallace

Gabby Wallace and Lindsay McMahon have built their own businesses around their passion for teaching English as a second language, but have an even deeper passion to help people find their own unique motivation for learning.

They are the co-founders of All Ears English, an online English language service which offers customized English learning courses. They have both been teaching English for over 10 years. In addition to their learning courses, they also host the All Ears English podcast, which is geared toward people who are feeling stuck in their career.

Throughout their lives, both Lindsay and Gabby have had a passion for travelling and for other cultures, which eventually led them to teaching English abroad. They realized through their teaching that people were becoming bored with traditional teaching methods and that there are constraints in a classroom that don’t work for everyone.

Their podcast allows people to learn while on the go or on their own time. It’s not just about learning English, but also about pursuing your passions while using English as a tool.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Find your unique motivation for learning!

Why do you want to learn something new? Is it because it will help advance your business? Make you a better person? Or is it something you just have an interest in and want to learn more?

Whatever the reason may be, knowing it before you get started is a good way to make sure you stick with your learning goal. If you aren’t focused on why you are learning something, or if the reason isn’t very good, you’ll find yourself straying from your learning habit.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Make a plan.

Create a schedule for yourself that you can see at all times, and plan in times to learn. Don’t spend all your time planning though, make sure to take action too.

Start with 15 minutes to get you started if that’s all the extra time you have. Creating a schedule that is always around you will provide you with a constant reminder of what you need to do and when.  It will also help you become less overwhelmed, as well as help you accomplish everything you want to do.

UnStuckable Quotes From Lindsay and Gabby

“I think my passion for teaching English came out of a passion for travel and culture.”

“The first time we met, I knew we were going to work together in some capacity.”

“We always approached each other with the mentality of collaboration, not competition.”

“What people really want is a connection with other people.”

“Look at things in context.”

“Go for that goal through something you enjoy.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Gabby and Lindsay both agree that motivation is key. While external motivators are fine, it’s better to have internal ones. Try to be more motivated by your desires, rather than by what someone else wants you to do.
  • Discover your internal motivations. If you don’t know why you are trying to learn something new, you will most likely give up on it rather quickly.
  • Develop a mindfulness habit. This will help you to become more aware of what motivates you and what it is that you want.
  • Lindsay and Gabby found their calling after travelling abroad. Experiencing other cultures helped them come up with their business idea and get new perspectives. If you can afford a trip, try visiting another country.
  • The playing field is much more even when it comes to learning a language compared to other skill sets. You don’t need a PhD to learn a language.


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