Episode 116: How to Change the Dialogue in Your Head About Your Story With Rob Scott

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Rob Scott Transformation Coach

Rob Scott

Rob Scott has transformed his life by breaking through his limits, and he wants to help you do the same. Rob is a transformational life coach, and the host of the Fundamental Shift podcast, both of which aim to help people change the narrative they tell themselves each day.

Growing up, Rob had a rather rough childhood. This led to a serious self image problems, and eventually trouble with addictions and the law. He spent time in jail, and even slept on the streets.

He recalls having a big wake up moment at the age of 19, but knows now he didn’t have the maturity to put it to use. Eventually he was able to realize that he was telling himself that he was a victim, and that this kind of self-talk wasn’t useful. Now he is generating a six-figure income by only coaching two days a week.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Give yourself permission to change the story you tell yourself!

We all have a mental tape inside our heads, consisting of the things we tell ourselves over and over again. For a lot of us, these thoughts can be negative. We tell ourselves that we can’t change our lives, that we can’t lose weight, or that there are a ton of reasons you can’t start a business. Even if your thoughts are true, repeating them won’t make them go away. You are allowed to change the story you tell yourself, so make it a good one.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Write down the limits you keeping telling yourself you have.

What are the limits you are setting for yourself? What are the negative thoughts that you have that are stopping you from going for your goal? Take some time and write down every thing in your life that is stopping you. By putting down your limits on paper, you’ll start to look at them differently and realize that you can in fact get passed them.

UnStuckable Quotes From Rob

“You can’t just say ‘Now I’m a billionaire.'”

“It was almost as if my brain broke.”

“I saw how much my own story was affecting me.”

“What most of us are doing is living into our own self created limits.”

“All transformation, all growth, is living on the edge of your comfort.”

“We need more empowering questions.”

“I’ve had a great time being an entrepreneur.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Rob has had a lot of pain throughout his life. He has come to terms with it because he says you have to go through pain in order to have growth.
  • Ask yourself “Is this useful?” whenever you have a negative thought. If your thought isn’t helping you advance, then it isn’t useful to think about it.
  • Learn to say “no”. Rob has his clients learn to say “no” because so many of us say “yes” in order to please other people.
  • Become aware of the story you are telling yourself. Doing so will at least make these thoughts debatable.
  • Rob wants us all to challenge our negative thoughts. When one comes up, think of a counter argument to go against it.
  • Once you come up with  a new story to tell yourself, stick to it. Make it a pattern and a habit to ingrain it into your mind.
  • Lastly, develop a mindfulness habit. This will help you become more aware of your inner monologue.



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