Episode 111: It’s Okay To Quit, But Do It With Intention Says Stephen Beach

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Stephen Beach Craft Impact

Stephen Beach

Stephen Beach is the co-founder of Craft Impact, an inbound marketing firm. He wants you know it’s OK to quit, but do it with intention. After his father died, Stephen decided to quit his job at the company his father started to pursue a business idea more suited to his needs. It was one of the toughest decisions of his life.

After graduating from college, Stephen worked as a volunteer for the Puerto Rican Center for Social Concerns. It was there he faced his first “unstuck” moment, where to decided to leave before his stint was up. He and his fellow volunteers felt that the organization was not being run properly and that there was not enough funding to pay for all of the tasks they wanted accomplished. They all left around in the same time to go pursue other interests. It was at this point that Stephen moved to Chicago where he began working at an advertising firm.

Stephen stayed at this firm until his father became ill. His father had recently started a business called PermaTrack, which builds eco-friendly sidewalks and boardwalks. He joined the business to help his father out, and took an increasingly larger role in the company until his father ultimately passed away.

After working at the company for some time after his father passed, Stephen was feeling unfulfilled and wanted to move on. He felt like he was quitting on his father and struggled with the decision to take a step back. After much deliberation and discussion with friends, family, his wife and a mentor, Stephen decided to only work at the company as a part-time freelancer.

Stephen was now free to start his own company Craft Impact, signing his father’s company on as his first client. Now he is able to follow his passion while still helping out his father’s business. He says that while the decisions were difficult, they were ultimately the right ones and he is life is in a better place now.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

 You can quit, but do it with intention!

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you are probably someone who is feeling stuck in their current job.

You may feel like quitting would be abandoning your colleagues or you might be leaving unfinished work behind. We want you to know that it is okay to quit, but be intentional about it. Know what you want to do instead.

Start transitioning into something else before you quit, so that you aren’t left without a source of income. The decision to leave may be a tough one, but you have to do what is right for you, no matter how hard.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Quiet your mind, especially in the morning. 

Stephen says that he was able to reach a conclusion for some of his tougher decisions after a lot of contemplation. He says that quieting his mind is one of the best practices he learned for thinking more clearly.

He suggests that everyone find a way to clear their mind and that they should do this action in the morning before they start their day. Some suggestions for activities that will quiet your mind include:

  • Meditation
  • Praying
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Taking a walk

UnStuckable Quotes From Stephen

“We had all these great ideas, but we didn’t have the funding to make them  work.”

“I felt like I was quitting on it early.”

“I needed to just quiet my mind.”

“You need to empty your mind before you can refill it.”

“It’s very overwhelming to think about quitting a job entirely and then going home and falling flat on your face without any money . It’s much easier when you have money coming in, one way or another.”

“What makes someone UnStuckable is the ability to seize a new opportunity, not just willingness.”

More Habits & Actions

  • When trying to make a tough decision, Stephen found it helpful to create a list of Pro’s and Con’s. This let him see the benefits and drawbacks of his decision.
  • Stephen also discussed his tough decisions with those around him. Having a strong support network is a great resource when trying to make a tough decision.
  • Clearing his mind allowed Stephen to see things better and from different perspectives. He says there are many ways for someone to clear their mind, but his favorites are taking his dog for a walk in the morning and going to a driving range.
  • To ease the transition from leaving his father’s business, Stephen agreed to work there for 20 hours/week as a freelancer. This allowed him to take a step back, but still contribute to the company his father built.
  • As a freelancer he became committed to starting a business around inbound marketing.
  • Turning a former employer in a client is a great strategy for someone going out on their own for the first time because you already understand their needs and have a trusted relationship.


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