Episode 109: Learn to Focus on Less to Become More Productive Says Brian Casel

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Brian Casel Design for Conversions

Brian Casel

Brian Casel is the founder of CasJam Media, a web design and development company based in Connecticut and the author of Design for Conversions. He is also the host of the Bootstrap Web podcast, which focuses on entrepreneurs who believe that to get where you want to go, you must learn by doing.  Brian has recently narrowed his business focus on Restaurant Engine, a company he owns that designs websites specifically for restaurants.

As a teenager, Brian always enjoyed developing websites. The first website he built was for his band in college. Then he interned with a web design agency in Manhattan, which ultimately led to a full time position there that he help for three years.

While he enjoyed his time working at a web design agency, he started to become a little bored. He wanted to branch out more, so he started doing some freelance work. Eventually, he graduated from freelancer to entrepreneur when he started his own web design business.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Give yourself permission to ask “Why am I going to create this?”

Knowing why you are doing something is essential. It provides you with a focus like nothing else can do. Be honest with yourself and look hard at the reasons you want to build whatever it is.

Ask yourself why you are going to execute on a particular project or task. How does it fit into where your life is going? Knowing why you are working on something will allow you to perform the right tasks and not waste time.

You can only do so much in the course of a day, so you want to make sure you are focused on the right things.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Wake up earlier and make a routine. 

One of the key habits we hear from our guests time and again is the power of getting up earlier and creating a set morning routine. Brian is no different in this regard.

Starting your day off the right way is essential for having a productive day. Make yourself a to-do list that contains both short-term and long-term goals. Consider exercise or meditation in the morning to get your day started. Whatever it is you want to do, make sure you stick to it each day until it becomes a habit.

UnStuckable Quotes From Brian

“I tell everyone ‘At least read up a little bit on how to create a basic website’.”

“I really treated that first year as a learning experience.”

“Deep down, what really drove me to do freelance was that word ‘free’, that freedom.”

“Freedom to me is waking up everyday and being able to do something I’m passionate about.”

“Looking back, I think I took on too many things at the same time.”

“When I’m focused on one or two big goals, I feel like every day has a purpose.”

“I work really hard at this business, every day.”

“I became really serious about my goals for the year.”

“I realized I was doing a lot of work, but I wasn’t working on the right things, in the right sequence. ”

“On the days that I run, I have better days at work.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Each morning Brian does 10 minutes of meditation, followed by going for a run. This routine helps him start his morning off right.
  • Brian sets not only long term goals, but short term ones as well. He has goals for the day, the month, and the year.
  • After taking on too many projects, Brian says he became stressed out and realized he wasn’t getting anything substantial done on any of his projects.
  • When Brian had too much on his plate, he started clearing out some projects he was working on so he could focus on Restaurant Engine and his personal blog.
  • When he first started working on his own, Brian would get dressed every morning as if he was heading out to work, even though he wasn’t going anywhere. This allowed him to get into the mindset that even though he was working from home, he was still going to a job and he needed to work.
  • Brian says that someone who is Unstuckable is someone who has healthy habits. This means not only strong work habits, but healthy living habits. Exercise, eating right, and a strong work ethic are all important steps towards a healthy lifestyle.


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