Episode 106: Increase Your Odds for Success With Partners Like Josh Landis and Craig Whitaker

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Craig Whitaker and Josh Landis Avid Eaters

Craig Whitaker and Josh Landis

Josh Landis and Craig Whitaker believe coming together as partners in their new business, Avid Eaters, will dramatically improve their chances for success than if they each tried to go it alone.

Before starting Avid Eaters, Josh had his own sports and entertainment marketing firm called Extra Point Marketing, which he ran for 13 years. Craig was the general manager of American Clothing Restoration and worked freelance as a model for many years.

The two met several years ago through mutual acquaintances and quickly became friends. Over time they decided to start a business together. Their idea for Avid Eaters was inspired by Amy Kaufman, who had experience with a similar business model. (We’ve actually interviewed the talented Amy Kauffman twice! Listen to her first UnStuckable interview here and her second interview with us here.)

Avid Eaters is designed to help not only nonprofits, but also local businesses and their customers. Subscribers to Avid Eaters pay a monthly fee in exchange for discounted prices at participating local restaurants. In addition, part of their fee goes towards a nonprofit of their choice. Customers get discounts at local restaurants, local eateries gain more customers and nonprofits get more donations. Everyone wins with their business model.

The concept of partnership is at the heart of their business, with each other and their stakeholders.  If you like what they are working on, consider making a donation to help them raise funds to become a 501c3 on Indiegogo.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Working in a partnership can have many benefits!

We have mentioned many times on Unstuckable how important it is to have a good support group. Having a partner is the highest level of support for your goal, especially when you share each other’s vision and values.

Craig and Josh are able to rely on one another to keep each other motivated and each brings a unique set of skills to the table. If you feel you are lacking a certain skill set, consider partnering up with someone who can complement your weaknesses. A reliable partner you can trust is a great bonus when you are starting any new venture.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Write down your fears and challenge them. 

Fear is one of the main causes for becoming stuck. We envision all of the things that could go wrong, instead of imagining everything that can go right. If fear is getting in your way, it’s time to start removing it.

Write down what you are afraid of, and then challenge those fears. Are they realistic? What can you do to remove those fears? What would you do if that fear didn’t exist? By imagining your life without that fear you can have a clearer picture as to where you want to go and how you can get there.

UnStuckable Quotes From Josh and Craig

“We thrive on social media.”

“You’ve got to be very wise where you put your funds.”

“One thing we face right now is changing the customers’ mindset.”

“Remove the fear.”

“You have to realize you’re not always going to succeed, but you can persevere.”

“Where is there something that I need to change or needs improvement?”

“It’s all about finding people’s needs.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Josh and Craig are always seeking ways to create a win-win situations. They design Avid Eaters to both promote local restaurants, as well as raise funds for non-profits.
  • Be willing to take a risk. You may not know where your business will end up, but you’ll never find out until you take a leap of faith.
  • Ask yourself “What is something that needs improvement?” This will lead you to business ideas that you can develop further.
  • Utilize social media. Josh and Craig say they generate a lot of their customers and grow their business by actively using social media sites.
  • Follow your passion. It will help you get through those moments when you feel down or stuck.
  • Do your research. It took Craig and Josh a long time to decide on the price points for their business, and they only made the decision after doing a lot of research.


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