Episode 105: Find Your Business Idea By Following Your Interests Like Geordie Wardman

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Geordie Wardman Passion Project

Geordie Wardman

Geordie Wardman is a serial entrepreneur who finds his business ideas by following his interests. Some of his businesses include selling WiFi management services for hotels, online business reputation management,  Bermuda shorts and even the humblest of commodities, salt!

Geordie Wardman is practically the definition of a serial entrepreneur. He says the key to his success is simply taking action in the right direction and following your interests.

Over the years Geordie has founded a number of businesses. He started Gemm WiFi, which offers WiFi management services for hotels, Wave Review, which manages a business online reputation, Salt Revolution, which aims to change the way we think about salt and Bermuda Styles, which sells Bermuda themed goods.

About 10 years ago, Geordie found himself sitting in an office feeling stuck while doing system administration. He decided to start his Bermuda Styles business where his goal was to develop a fast-drying Bermuda short that could be worn at all times. It was this idea that launched him into his first business, and eventually led him to become a serial entrepreneur. Now, as the host of the Passion Project Podcast, he aims to help his listeners build successful businesses by following their passions.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

 Don’t be a perfectionist!

Geordie says that often, when people are trying to start a business, they focus on making sure everything is perfect before moving on. This can lead them to being stuck and not making any progress.

Avoid being a perfectionist in order to keep making improvements to your business. If you wait for everything to be just right, you’ll find that you are wasting not only valuable time, but you could be missing out on some great opportunities.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Find out what you are interested in.

Having a strong interest in something will help you to get through those stuck moments, according to Geordie. He strongly believes that if you are interested and curious in something, you should follow your instinct. If you try to start something simply because you think you can make some money from it, you may find yourself getting stuck because there is no passion behind it.

To find out what you are interested in, try taking out a pen and paper and answering some of these questions:

  1. What do you like to do in your free time?
  2. What’s something that would make your life easier?
  3. What did you enjoy doing as a kid, but gave up on as you got older?
  4. What is something you always wished you had learned, but never found the time?

By answering these questions you should get a better idea as to where your passions lay.

UnStuckable Quotes From Geordie

“There’s always time to make it better.”

“You can’t get anything done if you’re trying to do it all.”

“As soon as you start falling in love with an idea, that’s a danger sign.”

“The biggest skill I have is just taking action.”

“It’s one thing to take action, its another to take action in the right thing. ”

“I think there is always room for improvement, to learn from other people.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Each day Geordie sets out a list of things he needs to get done that day. Sometimes he plans the list out the night before or as the first thing he does when he gets up in the morning.
  • Geordie gets these important tasks done early in the morning. This way, if there is something he needs to take care of later on in the day, he at least knows he already accomplished his important tasks.
  • Geordie always performs a good deal of testing and data gathering before launching into a new venture. This allows him to learn more and decide how best to proceed.
  • When he is feeling stuck, Geordie has a core network of people he turns to. These people are largely other entrepreneurs who can give him advice or ideas when he needs it. He says that everyone should have a group of people they can turn to when they feel stuck.
  • Not having a lot of free time isn’t necessarily a bad thing, according to Geordie. By having less time, it forces you to focus on the really important tasks during the time that you do have.



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