Episode 103: Want More Control Over Your Career? Self Awareness Is Key Says Eduardo Baraf

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Eduardo Baraf Games

Eduardo Baraf

Learn how Eduardo Baraf used his self awareness to thrive in the exciting, but chaotic, gaming industry for the past 15 years. He owes his success to 3 things: his passion for gaming, being flexible and most importantly, being self aware.

This guy has a deep passion for games. As a kid he took odd jobs like shoveling snow just to make extra money to buy video games. He has created all kinds of games including board, mobile, video, online and social media games.  His games have generated $35 million and have been installed 120 million times.

He recently left his position as Studio Director at Disney Mobile/Social to start his own business, Pencil First Games, with two mobile games in development. He just launched a KickStarter campaign to raise funds for his board game Lift Off!

Game development is a hit driven business and Eduardo has experienced his share of ups and downs. Beyond his passion, his skill for self awareness has helped him thrive and has been the cornerstone of his management style.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Cultivate your self awareness!

As you listen to our interview with Eduardo, they key to the development of his career in such a volatile industry like gaming is owed to his acute ability to be self aware. It is also the cornerstone of his management style.

Self awareness enables you to stop and empathize with the needs of others and how your needs mesh with theirs. You can also remove your emotions more quickly from a decision making process.

If you don’t know what makes you tick, start by tracking your feelings on a daily basis for 30 days.  This exercise helps you understand what circumstances make you happy and which ones create stress for you.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Break down your big goal into small actions.

Several of our guests have talked about this concept, so if you haven’t given it a shot, you should definitely try it. By creating smaller and smaller actions, you will create momentum and that’s your most important first step toward your goal. Get started by:

1. Writing down your big goal.

2. Writing down as many actions you think you will need to take to achieve your goal. Think of these as objectives.

3. Now write down as many actions you think you will need to take to accomplish each objective.

4. Finally, break down each of your actions into small, achievable actions that will take you less than an hour to accomplish.

Any time you feel stuck at any point on your path toward your goal, break down the current task into even smaller tasks, so they are more achievable and so you can create some momentum again.

UnStuckable Quotes From Eduardo

“Games are an opportunity to engage and have fun with other people.”

“Leveraging your natural strengths is at the heart of being an effective manager and leader.”

“I tailor my management style to the strengths and needs of the people I’m managing.”

“When you’ve lost your center as a manager, that flows downhill to your team.”

“Whatever brings you back to the happy place in your work is a great way to get unstuck.”

“If you invest your energy into something, that something has value, and you never know when that value is going to manifest.”

“Don’t run toward changing the world, walk instead.”

“If you are feeling stuck, go see a great movie that inspires you.”

“I go on journeys when I need inspiration.”

“In reality no one is stuck. Anyone can do whatever they want, whenever they want.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Eduardo loved video games so much as a kid, he work odd jobs to make money just to buy games.
  • While at the University of Michigan, he started Wolverine Software, a group to research and develop games.
  • He believes his strength is his ability to bring together a group of specialists and motivate them as a team.
  • Eduardo’s skills for managing different groups of people is constantly changing as he works on new projects and with new people.
  • He believes management is about removing roadblocks and getting people unstuck.
  • If he feels uncentered, he realigns himself by breaking down goals into small, actionable tasks. It’s not that his is necessarily productive, but he is building momentum toward his goal again.
  • Eduardo loves using written lists to manages his tasks.
  • He believes having a strong sense of self awareness is important as you manage your career. Take the time to ask yourself what went wrong and what you might have done better.


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