Episode 102: Get Unstuck By Changing Your Thoughts Says Hayden Lee

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Hayden Lee Academic Life Coach

Hayden Lee

Hayden Lee is an academic life coach who teaches students one of the most important life skills that they’ll never learn in school – how to change their mindset to create success.  He’s become so good at what he does, the parents of his clients are now asking for his help to get unstuck!

He started his path to academic life coaching as an SAT tutor. He says he became stuck because he wasn’t fulfilled by teaching students a specific set of skills, just to take one test, that they would never use again.

He discovered Academic Life Coaching, a company founded by John Andrew Williams, a former Latin high school teacher in Portland, OR. John started the company because he saw a big gap between the skills his students were learning in school and the skills they needed to be successful in life.

It turns out that what gets teens stuck isn’t all that different from what gets adults stuck. Hayden says it all begins by retraining your thoughts to create a growth mindset.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

If you want to change your life, change your thoughts first!

Each one of your actions, whether positive or negative, begins with a thought you’ve created in your head. If you make negative assumptions about a particular situation or goal, you are more likely to take negative actions and thus confirm your negative assumptions.

Hayden has made a few of his “Assumption Charts” available, so you can practice changing your thought process from negative to positive about one of your goals.

1. Assumption Chart

2. Negative Assumption

3. Positive Assumption

Listen to the podcast again for a refresher on how to best use the above charts.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Write down a list of limiting beliefs you have for one of your goals.

Think about any one of your goals, but maybe that goal you’ve been thinking about the longest is a good place to start. Start challenging your limiting beliefs by:

1. Writing down your goal.

2. Writing down a list of all the reasons you’ve told yourself why you can’t achieve that goal.

3. Next, turn each limiting belief into a helpful belief by writing down how you could overcome that limiting belief.

4. Finally envision what is possible if your started believing your helpful beliefs, rather than your limiting beliefs.

UnStuckable Quotes From Hayden

“My mission is to inspire people to live the life they want to live.”

“The goal of an academic life coach is to help students take ownership of their own education and success, so they can live a life of purpose, passion and fulfillment.”

“We need to shift the next generation’s definition of success.”

“Having goals are great, but just having a goal doesn’t tell you how to achieve it.”

“As an entrepreneur, you always have to be thinking about what’s next.”

“You can turn your passion into a career now because of the Internet.”

“The Latin root for the word ‘passion’ means to suffer or endure.”

“If you are passionate about something it will be hard and you will make sacrifices.”

“Your desire for success has to be bigger than your fear of failure.”

“Resiliency is one of the top skills we all need to learn, but it’s not taught in schools.”

“When you reach a certain level of success you need to work even harder and need more guidance.”

“Success is a choice.”

More Habits & Actions

  •  As soon as Hayden knew he wanted to become an academic life coach, he found a mentor doing exactly what he wanted to do.  He reached out to John Andrew Williams, founder of Academic Life Coaching.
  • Intrinsic motivation is being motivated to do something because the action itself is the reward.
  • Hayden wants to help students become internally motivated to learn, rather than be motivated to learn by external forces.
  • He teaches students to identify their goals and break them down into action steps within their control or what he calls a WDA, a Well Designed Action.
  • A WDA has four criteria: 1) stated in the positive 2) 2) getting started and success or failure of the action depends entirely on you  3) good size to time ratio 4) specific and measurable.
  • To help one student better manage their time, Hayden had him shut off all of his social media after school and that one action helped the student get his homework done two hours earlier.
  • Hayden helps students make “To Don’t Lists” so they can better manage their time.
  • Resiliency is the ability to bounce back and recover, so you can keep going toward what you want no matter what.
  • Hayden looks at his planner first, before he looks at his email, so he can have a more productive day.
  • Getting unstuck starts with changing your mindset and realizing your thoughts impact your actions.
  • Hayden uses an assumption chart to help his clients change their mindset.
  • Think about how F.A.R. you want to go in your career. To get you there, you’ll need 1) Flexibility 2) Adaptability 3) Resiliency


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