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Taylor Stevens  Jeremy Montoya The Final Clock Out

Taylor Stevens Jeremy Montoya

Taylor Stevens and Jeremy Montoya, hosts of the Final Clock Out podcast, want to help you create an exit strategy from your job. Instead of just quitting, you can find your purpose and control your time.

Both Taylor and Jeremy are currently at different stages in their final clock out transitions. Taylor is working part time for a tech company and does freelance marketing on the side. Jeremy currently consults for a medical aviation company, helping them build out all aspects of their infrastructure, as well as their marketing plan.

Taylor graduated from the W.P Carey School of Business in 2013.  She quickly became disillusioned about her career prospects, so she started taking online classes to learn about social media management. Almost immediately she saw the path to work for herself.

Jeremy landed his current client at his last corporate job. He says he didn’t have any experience in the aviation medical industry, but he was able to communicate his needs and abilities with the goals of the company, so that’s how he landed his consulting gig.

They both met while working for the same company a couple of years ago and shared a common vision for ditching the corporate mindset, so they could design their life around their own purpose. Their podcast is a realization of this desire to inspire others to clock out and find their own path as well.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Exit wisely before you quit your job!

You might be feeling super frustrated by your job right now, but in most cases submitting your two-week notice without an exit strategy is probably not the best idea.

Take a deep breath and channel your energy into thinking about what it is you really want to do and how you want to spend your time working. Think about your current job as funding your transition plan. Try to focus on the positive aspects of your job, no matter how much the negative ones get your goat.

You also want to be financially prepared for your transition, so take this time to calculate how much money you need to cover your basic expenses versus your desired lifestyle.

Whether or not you know what you want to do, it’s important to start talking to new people outside of your network to gain perspective and discover new opportunities.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Take 15 minutes a day to focus on developing yourself. 

If you don’t know where you are headed in life or your career, you need to take time to reflect on where you think you might want to go. Create a daily 15-minute ritual that focuses on your personal development. Here are some ideas:

1. Take a 15-minute walk after work.

2. Get up 15-minutes earlier.

3. Write down anything on your mind for 15-minutes during lunch.

4. Spend 15-minutes researching online something you want to learn more about.

5. Trade 15-minutes of your time on Facebook for spending that time on LinkedIn looking for mentors.

UnStuckable Quotes From Taylor & Jeremy

“Scratch your own itch.” – Jeremy

“I enjoyed learning again because I was learning what I wanted to learn.” – Taylor

“Transition out of your job wisely.” – Taylor

“The moment you get unstuck is the moment you start taking action.” – Jeremy

“The mind is a powerful tool. Whatever you set out for powerfully enough, with the right thoughts, it will come back to you.” – Jeremy

“We are big believers in always starting the conversation.” – Taylor

“You have to build your network before you need them.”-  Jeremy

“An exit strategy is a plan to get you out of your current situation to pursue your purpose.”-  Taylor

“Step one for getting unstuck is developing the habits for getting unstuck.”-  Jeremy

“We’ve decided our time is more important than money.” – Jeremy

“There is more than enough money for everyone in the world, it’s just a rigged equation.” – Jeremy

“Time is our most valuable resource.” – Taylor

More Habits & Actions

  • Taylor and Jeremy are constantly seeking ways to replace their income.
  • Starting a business with a partner can be beneficial when they can offer motivation and a skill set you might not possess.
  • “Who can I work with?” is probably the most important question you can ask yourself if you are seeking a partner.
  • Over the past year, Taylor has been seeking more and more freelance opportunities to help her reach her “final clock out” from her job.
  • She advises replacing your income by using your most marketable skills and talents.
  • Initially Jeremy didn’t understand how entrepreneurship could provide him with more free time. In fact he says, “It looked worse than work.”
  • Jeremy discovered how insecure working for a corporation could be when a boss he admired was fired for a questionable reason.
  • He ended up securing his first client through his corporate job.
  • He pitched himself to a company in the aviation medical industry to build and execute their marketing plan, even though he has no experience in the industry. He says he got the opportunity because he asked his client a lot of questions about their needs.
  • He is also learning how to build teams and the infrastructure of a company.
  • Taylor and Jeremy don’t network in the traditional sense. They build relationships as they find new opportunities and new opportunities find them.
  • Spend 15 minutes before or after work developing one of your marketable skills.
  • Take the time to develop a mindset to focus on what your purpose might be or how your abilities can generate income.
  • The most important decision you can make for yourself is deciding what is more important: your time or your money?
  • Taylor and Jeremy use S.M.A.R.T goals to quantify their efforts and to challenge themselves.
  • Write down a plan for where you are and where you want to go, as well as understanding how much money you need to survive versus the lifestyle you desire.


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