Episode 099: Explore Yourself Using the Traveler’s Mindset With Ginger Kern

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Ginger Kern Traveler's Mindet

Ginger Kern

Ginger Kern believes there’s no better way to explore yourself than through travel. Find out how the  “traveler’s mindset”  can break up your daily routine even when you aren’t traveling!

Ginger is the founder of Peak Potential Coaching which helps people live up to their fullest potential. She started writing for personal development blogs a few years ago while working full time at the American Chamber of Commerce in Frankfurt, Germany.  She then started working for herself as a translator and coach when she moved to Thailand. To date, Ginger has visited 25 countries and counting!

She also recently created The Traveler’s Mindset, a platform to inspire others to travel more and to bring more adventure into your daily life.  This fall she’s speaking at TEDx Brookings to share how the traveler’s mindset can promote collaboration and human connections to create positive and meaningful lives.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Live the traveler’s mindset everyday in your daily life!

Ginger believes we can all experience the same joy and excitement of travel in our daily lives. We love escaping our lives to get a break from the monotonous routines we have created for ourselves. We have full control over breaking that routine any time we choose.

Travel also makes us feel lighter because we are constantly living with less and living in the moment. The traveler’s mindset is living life more intentionally based on what inspires us as we travel. As Ginger says, having the traveler’s mindset is a choice.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Take a new route during your day.  

One of the most exciting aspects of travel is constantly taking new paths and discovering new places. Did you know you can do the same thing in your daily life? Here are some ideas:

1. For one week commit to taking a different route to work, even if it takes a little longer than usual.

2. Walk for 30-minutes near your home, but take a different path each time.

3. Pick three aspects of your daily routine and change them for one week. Reverse their order or do the exact opposite behavior.

UnStuckable Quotes From Ginger

“There was a disconnect with what I was surrounded by and what I wanted to be surrounded by.”

“That’s what we all want, better connection with each other.”

“I want to help people define what success means to them, live a life full of joy, cut down on things that make them struggle and create the life of their dreams.”

“Success for me is living a life that is location and financially free, so I can do what I like to do with the people who help me thrive.”

“Travel places you are in situations of discomfort where you are also excited for the discomfort.”

“When you aren’t traveling, you can choose to view your discomfort as fun.”

“When you are in a routine you are accumulating and consuming more than when you are traveling.”

“We are always accumulating, so we need to take that intentional time to purge.”

“That’s the great thing about travel, it brings us back that child-like wonder.”

“Finding adventure in your every day life is the traveler’s mindset.”

“When you are UnStuckable there is no such thing as routine.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Ginger uses her love of salsa as a point of interest to connect with local communities all over the world. She recommends an activity or hobby as a way to create a connection point with any new community in the world.
  • Her goal in college was to study languages, with the goal of living in Europe one day. She now speaks German, French and Italian.
  • When she graduated from college, she secured a Fulbright Scholarship and taught English for a year in Germany.
  • She continued her stay in Germany when she got a job working for the American Chamber of Commerce in Frankfurt.
  • After working a full day, she started writing for travel and personal development blogs.
  • Ginger eventually felt stuck in Frankfurt, so she made a spreadsheet of the characteristics she liked about the places she had lived in or traveled to in the past.  She wanted to live in a place that was sunny, had younger people closer to her age and had an entrepreneurial spirit.  Her tops picks were Chiang Mai, Thailand and Boulder, CO.
  • She decided to move to Chiang Mai after Frankfurt and started working for herself as a translator.
  • Ginger recommends taking the time to find out what brings you the most joy in life.


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