Episode 098: You Are In Control of Your Own Experience Says Ryan Moran

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Ryan Moran Freedom Fastlane

Ryan Moran

Ryan Moran has always intentionally built his businesses around his desired lifestyle. He defines freedom as designing his life exactly as he wants with no limitations to what he can experience.

He wants you to embrace your biology, so you can reach your goals. By being intentional in his life, Ryan has been able to start several different businesses, including an affiliate marketing business from his dorm room during college. Now he is the host of his own podcast called Freedom Fastlane, which aims to help people reach financial freedom and experience personal growth.

Ryan believes that we live in a time with endless opportunities, and if we are not focused on what it is that we want, we won’t get it. He says that there are so many possibilities that it can be almost distracting, and therefore we have to be intentional about our goals. By knowing what you want and structuring your life around that goal, you can begin to design the lifestyle best suited for you.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

You are in control of your experience!

Ryan wants to remind all of us we are the author of our own experiences. We have much more control over our lives than we might think.

Most of us have unintentionally design our current lifestyle that has left us feeling stuck. You have the power to start making intentional decisions toward designing the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Write down how you would like to live your ideal day. 

Design your idea lifestyle begins by understanding how you would like to live your idea day. Once you understand the basic tasks and activities that make up your ideal day, then you can start taking small steps toward making your ideal lifestyle a reality.

Here are some questions you might think about:

1. What is the first thing you want to do when you wake up in the morning?

2. Who do you want to spend most of your time with?

3. How would you describe your ideal work environment or needs?

4. What can you do without from your current lifestyle?

5. What activity will relax you?

You have nothing to lose with this exercise! Allow yourself the freedom to think about what will motivate you to make the best use and most enjoyable use of your time.

UnStuckable Quotes From Ryan

“We have completely outgrown our basic evolution.”

“We have an unlimited amount of opportunities.”

“If we are intentional about what we want, we have a greater chance of getting it.”

“Lifestyle Design to me is getting very intentional about the life that you want to experience and having everything to integrate to support that vision.”

“Intentional means getting very clear on what you want to experience and putting yourself in strategic positions to be able to create those experiences.”

“The 9-5 is a dinosaur . . . it’s going away.”

“Motivation is great, in doses.”

“I’ve reached a lot of my goals, so I’m enjoying them.”

“We can’t really be free if were not in tune with our patterns.”

“I didn’t have the ‘Why’ and therefore I didn’t have the design.”

“Freedom for me is the ability to design life exactly as i want with no limitations to what I can experience.” 

“Those who seek security never find it, but those who seek freedom and opportunity get both.” 

More Habits & Actions

  • Surround yourself with people who support your vision. Biology says we are wired to become like the people surrounding us.
  • Be focused on where you are heading so you know what information to ignore.
  • Carve out a budget to invest every month as you begin to design your lifestyle.
  • Create a business that you control, something that doesn’t require trading hours for dollars.
  • The illusion of security prevents us from going after an ideal lifestyle. Define what security is for you, and then go build that version of security for yourself.


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