Episode 097: Work in Different Capacities to Explore Your Passion Like Kristen Gagné

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Kristen Gagné Web Tawks

Kristen Gagné

Kristen Gagné has worked in a variety of different capacities, but has always pursued her passion for teaching English as a second language. She’s been an instructor, consultant, immigration specialist and now an entrepreneur.

Over the past nice years, Kristen has used her skill of teaching ESL in a variety of ways. After college she started working for Hello World, as a consultant. She taught English in Singapore for a year. More recently she worked at the Maine Medical Center, where she helped international researchers improve their English. After several promotions at the Maine Medical Center, Kristen realized she was no longer doing the type of work she enjoyed, so she left and founded Web Tawks.

Web Tawks is an online service that connects professionals and students with English teachers for one-on-one sessions. It includes features such as desktop sharing, a virtual whiteboard, and text messaging. Its goal is to focus more on higher-end vocabulary and not conversational words. Kristen currently employs over 30 teachers with specific language experience in a variety of industries.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Once you find out what it is you want to do in life, don’t give up on it!

Kristen never gave up on her passion for teaching English as a second language. She constantly looked for new and different ways to apply her valuable skill. She has worked as an employee, a consultant, an instructor abroad and now an entrepreneur, but the thread of her career as always been consistent.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Start writing down your thoughts in a journal.

Kristen carried around a journal and wrote down her thoughts and feelings whenever she had things she couldn’t get off her mind. This allowed her to get these thoughts out of her head and made them more concrete. By writing everything down you gain a different perspective on your thoughts. Get started by:

1) Buy yourself a notebook and a pen.

2) Carry your notebook and pen around with you as often as you can.

3) Write down anything that comes into your mind, no matter how slightly related it is to your ideal career. Write down any frustrations, ideas, questions, etc.

Having these notes in front of you will allow you to look at your thoughts in a new light and help you to gain some perspectives.

UnStuckable Quotes From Kristen

 “There was this nagging feeling that I wasn’t fulfilled.”

“I was always asking myself ‘Why am I doing this?'”

“Teachers who teach, we don’t do it for the money, we do it for that moment where it really clicks for the student.”

“That’s my entire motivation in life: not to say ‘I wish I would have’.”

“For me, success is not only having a great teaching and learning experience, but having happy teachers.”

“The idea that this can increase overall global education is really what motivates me.”

“Until you make the choice to say “I’m going to become an entrepreneur” it’s never going to happen.”

“The most difficult part was it failed the first time.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Kristen started thinking about leaving her job two years before she actually ended up leaving it.
  • She started keeping a journal so she could write down her thoughts and ideas related to leaving her career.
  • Anytime something was bothering her or she had something on her mind, she opened her journal and wrote down questions.
  • Kristen started seeking out like-minded individuals on LinkedIn to help start her business.
  • When she thought her business wouldn’t work, and she didn’t want to stay at her job any longer, she found a new job abroad as a change of pace.
  • Kristen spends part of every day researching, whether it be learning more about her niche or how to improve her website.
  • For motivation, Kristen searches online for inspirational quotes that will inspire her for the day.


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