Episode 095: Choose the Right Business Model to Fit Your Lifestyle With Jesse Krieger

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Jesse Krieger Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Jesse Krieger

Jesse Krieger, author of the new book Lifestyle Entrepreneur, has been building businesses to suit his lifestyle long before it became a trend. He has built seven lifestyle businesses and now teaches others how to become lifestyle entrepreneurs.

He is also the founder of BusinessInAWeekend.co, which is a no fail system for setting up your own business in 72 hours for less than $1,000. Through both of these projects Jesse aims to help people start a business that fits their desired  lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

Over the past decade, Jesse has founded or co-founded 7 different businesses himself, while helping dozens of others get started. He built a lifestyle entrepreneur business for himself called USBSuperstore.com and eventually sold it.

After high school Jesse moved to LA where he studied music for a year. He started his own band and got a record deal. This experience got him interested in the business side of music, sparking his interested in entrepreneurship.

His primary focus over the past few years has been the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Academy, an online training to help other people start their own online businesses.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Build your business around your desired lifestyle!

Not everyone starts a business just to make money. More and more people let Jesse are starting business to sustaining a certain type of lifestyle.

Many first-time entrepreneurs get excited about working on their terms and calling their own shots only to find themselves enslaved to the business that was suppose to set them free!

If you want to work for yourself to have more control over your time first think about how you want to spend you day working, so you can pick out the business model most appropriate for the lifestyle you want to live.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Set aside an hour each day to learn something new and take a small step towards your goal.

If you are currently working full time as an employee, it doesn’t mean you can’t find some extra time to work on your goal.

Jesse recommends carving out some time each day to do something that will inch you closer to your goal. Maybe you’ll get up 30 minutes earlier or go to bed 15 minutes later. You might decided to watch an hour less of TV each day or even spend a little less time on Facebook to carve out more time to work on your goal.

Focus on small achievable tasks like sketching out a logo design, coming up with a short business description or even doing some basic research. It’s important to put your subconscious mind to work as you take care of the your other daily activities, so you also start carving out more space in your mind for your goal.

Eventually, your small daily actions will snowball and take on a life of their own. You’ll be proud and amazed at everything you’ve accomplished by focusing on those small daily tasks!

UnStuckable Quotes From Jesse

 “I try to keep things interesting to prevent myself from getting bored or stuck.”

“I may not know exactly what an idea is or how it will shape up, but if I’m talking to people and getting feedback from people in the industry, then I can get a better idea of what specific aspects to focus on.”

“Lifestyle Entrepreneur: I identify with those two words more than any other in the English language.”

“My perspective on a lifestyle entrepreneur is someone that pursues the things they are interested in and passionate about in creative and engaging ways, through the filter of business.”

“Set up a business that it supports and augments the lifestyle interest that you’re passionate about.”

“I look at success in terms of takeaways and peak achievements.”

“Have clarity on your cost structure, and know what the market will bear.”

“Passion is very important. You’re either really passionate about the actual business, or you’re passionate about the outcome and the lifestyle.”

“Carve out an hour or two of your day to be the CEO of your life.”

“You are the author of your own experience.”

“If you help enough people get what they want in life, you’ll get what you want in life.” Zig Ziglar

“If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Establish a daily routine that gets you motivated, no matter where you are located. For Jesse, this is a morning workout, followed by a meal. Then he jumps right into his work to get his most important tasks done during his most productive hours. He spends the rest of the day on extracurricular activities.
  • Follow your passion, whether it be for the business itself or for the lifestyle you desire.
  • If you are having trouble thinking of a business idea, Jesse says to look at your skill set and think about what problems it can solve in your industry.
  • Jesse defines what “success” means to him based on his current needs and thinks you should do the same. For him, success can range from selling more copies of his book to helping someone start a business to attaining a certain financial goal.
  • Jesse says that he has wasted time on projects in the past because he didn’t get feedback from potential customers during the development process.
  • As you build your business, it’s important to have clarity on your cost structure and the maximum price consumers are willing to pay for your product or service.
  • Jesse defines the growth phase of his businesses as developing a new product and his maintenances phases as opportunities to travel more.
  • Learn all the core functions of your business before you start hiring people to do them for you.
  • Ask yourself “What do I wish someone had told me five years ago?” This was the question Jesse kept in mind when he was writing his book.
  • Jesse has learned that there is no quick way to make money and building a business to make money alone often takes more of your energy.


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