Episode 093: Build a Community Around Your Goal Like Nate Tepper

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Nate Tepper

Nate Tepper has been intentionally building his success community. He has taken a series of big actions to attract entrepreneurs into his life. He knows the source of his success comes from engaging other people.

Currently, he is building a company for a mobile app called UNight from his mom’s basement. He wanted to have making plans to go out be as fun as the night itself. Using the app people can see which of their friends are going out that night and where they are going. It’s currently available in Amherst, MA and Boston.

Nate’s professional ambitions are guided by his passions for bringing people together and for building communities. He’s taken a series of bold actions to build an entrepreneurial community around himself as you’ll hear in the podcast and as you read below.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Build a community around your goal!

Nate is the kind of guy that doesn’t wait around for an opportunity, he creates a cause for his results. He does that by attracting the people he can learn from and can help him achieve his goal.

Here are some examples of how Nate has intentionally built his community of entrepreneurs:

  • He left Clark University after a year to attend UMASS Amherst because it had a larger community and more opportunities.
  • After working at MassChallenge for a summer, he wanted to recreate that entrepreneurial energy at UMASS, so he brought TEDx there.
  • Currently, he is building and promoting an app called UNight to help friends better connect and make plans with each other.

Hanging out with like-minded people is crucial to helping you achieve your goal!

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Make a list of your values and principles.  

If you have never written down what’s really important to you, in terms of how you want to live your life, there’s no better time than now. What are the principles that will guide your daily decision making? What are the values that influence your actions? What are your deal breakers? Get started by:

1. Nate recommends starting the first draft of your list by making a list of the people around you that you admire the most.

2. Pick one value each of those people possess that you admire the most.

3. Now challenge yourself to see if that value is really important to you or if you are living up to it.

4. Keep revising your list until you feel comfortable about living up to each value on a regular basis.

Check out Nate’s Values and Principles

UnStuckable Quotes From Nate

“It’s nice to know we all get stuck at some point in our lives and that we can share our stories about how we got unstuck.”

“My business life and personal life are one in the same.”

“In your struggles is where you can find your greatest strengths.”

“Be the cause and create the affect.”

“I believe you measure your life based on the lives you changed.”

“If you know why you want to do something, the opportunities to attain that goal are limitless.”

“The key principal in my life is listen and learn.”

“Follow your gut.”

“Someone who is UnStuckable is thankful for the little things and has a positive outlook on their future.”

“If you know in your mind that things will work out, they will work out.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Nate knows he is passionate about bringing people together and building community.
  • At UMASS Amherst he created networking events for students interested in entrepreneurship.
  • Nate picked his first college because of its academic opportunities and because his father went there, but he left it because it didn’t have the sense of community he was seeking.
  • At his most stuck point during his college career, he had to temporarily attend a community college and it took him three different times to transfer into his school of choice- UMASS Amherst.
  • Nate started to get himself unstuck by watching the movie The Secret.
  • He did three things to create the life he wanted: 1) At the end of each day he wrote down what he was thankful for over a 200 day period. 2) Each morning he wrote down a goal to achieve. 3) He created a key list of values and principals.
  • After working at MassChallenge over one summer during the college, he was so inspired by its energy, he decided to bring that energy to UMASS Amherst by bringing TEDx to Amherst.

Alternative Perspectives

  • Nate believes hanging out with like minded people will help you achieve your goal so much more quickly than going it alone.
  • He believes having access to larger communities provides him more opportunities.
  • Smaller communities and groups grounds Nate in larger communities.
  • Instead of waiting to react to a potential opportunity, create one for yourself and have others react to it.
  • Nate defines success by the number of people he has an impact on.


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