Episode 086: Building and Maintaining Your Audience With David Hooper

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David Hooper RED Podcast

David Hooper

David Hooper spent 20+ years helping musicians build and maintain their audiences. He believes whether you are starting a business or switching careers, engaging your audience has never been more important than right now.

He recently launch the RED: Real Entrepreneur Development podcast to share successful business strategies with entrepreneurs and to help them building engaged audiences.  (By the way, RED has a very cool giveaway through early August. Check it out now!)

A couple of years ago David wrote a book called, Six-Figure Musician, about everything he learned about marketing music and building audiences for musicians. He poured his heart into the book and knew he was ready to move on from the music industry.

Now he is building a new audience around his marketing talents. He founded BigBoldImpact a year ago to help entrepreneurs build audiences around their brands using his music marketing skills.

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Never stop building your audience around your business, message or personal brand!

Many people only network when they are looking for a new job. Many entrepreneurs only focus on marketing or engaging their customers when their sales are down.

You need to constantly by building and maintaining your audience.  You need to give help to receive help. Build a habit for networking on a daily basis. Reach out to people who are interesting to you or you think you can help.

Sometimes it’s as easy as sending a link to an article or introducing two of your existing connections to each other.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Try practicing yoga each morning for 30 minutes.

If you’ve never tried yoga before give it a shot! It might be best to take a few beginner classes at your local yoga studio to get your feet wet. Once you’ve had a few classes there are plenty of online videos to guide you along in your yoga practice at home.

As an alternative, take a walk or mediate for 30 minutes each morning to reflect on how you feel.

UnStuckable Quotes From David

“When you deal with your customers, listen and make the conversation interactive.”

“Real success stories come from slow, gradual improvement that take quite a while to develop.”

“The development of your skills is never done. It’s a very slow process.”

“I don’t think good habits can ever end.”

“You have to continuously put yourself in from of people to build an audience.”

“I’m building my podcast audience one fan at a time and it’s very humbling.”

“After you’ve done something once, you know you can do it again, but still nothing’s guaranteed.”

“Like a lot of entrepreneurs I like building more than maintaining.”

“Focus on what you can do that other people can’t do.”

“Doing yoga each morning puts you in charge of your day, instead of someone else in charge of your day.”

“The trick is to never not get stuck, but it’s to never remain there.”

More Habits & Actions

  • David was drawn to a career in music because that’s pretty much what everyone does when you are born in a music town like Nashville.
  • He realized his career path would no longer be as a musician when he had the courage to realize he was no longer the best musician in the room anymore.
  • He also realized he was better at getting people to come to his shows than playing music.
  • Being a musician was also an isolating experience and David knew he wanted to work around and with other people, so marketing music aligned with his needs.
  • He started his own publishing company in college and sold the extra space on promotional CDs he sent to radio stations to other artists.
  • The technology changes in the music industry encouraged him to explore new ways to apply his marketing skills to other businesses.
  • Before he left the music industry he poured out all of his knowledge into a book, Six-Figure Musician, and then he said he was ready to move on.
  • Although David has been a professional marketer for 20+ years, he says he is still constantly researching and learning from others to develop his skill.
  • David has practiced yoga daily for the last 15 years.

Alternative Perspectives

  • Changes in media and technology now enable people to take a short cut on the road to success and fame without having to work as hard for it compared to previous generations.
  • Musicians have always had the benefit of instant feedback to their product, now entrepreneurs can get instant engagement using social media and the web to get more timely feedback about their products and services.
  • David believes it will take the average entrepreneur five to ten years of hard work before they will achieve success.


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