Episode 085: Reduce Stress and Save Time With This UnStuckable Habit

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Cole Hatter

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If you are stressed out about not being able to find the time to accomplish your big goal or make a big change in your life, you’ll definitely want to learn the UnStuckable habit we discusses in this week’s hangout!

During this week’s Live Google+ Hangout and Freedom Friday podcast we’ll discuss the UnStuckable habit to help you integrate competing priorities in your life, as well as how to combine your motivational triggers to take action.

Joining our conversation is Cole Hatter, host of the new Fearless Minds podcast and an amazing motivational author and speaker.

He’s had a ton of experience with the UnStuckable habit we dove into during the hangout to help him pursue his path to entrepreneurship after two devastating accidents that ended his career as a firefighter. He wants to inspire you to “manufacture urgency,” so you don’t have to go through a huge crisis in your life to make the change you want.

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Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Compound your motivation by trying to accomplish less!

Being motivated doesn’t necessarily mean accomplishing more in less time, it means consistently focusing on your priorities.

One easy when to compound or boost your motivation is to combine your goals, instead of making them competing priorities for your time.

For example, if you want more time to work on a side business, figure out what you can learn as you build your business that can help you in your day job.  (Listen to our interview with Shane Bogardus who uses his side business to advance his career.)

Maybe you want more time to learn something new, so why not start listening to podcasts or books on tape instead of the radio on your way to work? Turn your unproductive times into productive ones!

Another method of compounding your motivation is through the combination of your motivational triggers. If you have more energy in the morning and are motivated by deadlines, create an artificial deadline each morning to accomplish your most important task.

Maybe you enjoy collaborating with others and need to be held accountable to get tasks done, so consider creating a mastermind group.

Compounding your motivation by integrating your priorities or combining your motivational triggers will reduce your stress and save you time.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Manufacture urgency to motivate yourself. 

Join Cole, Chris and Stephen in the “manufacture your urgency challenge”.  Get started by:

1. Think of an achievable task you want to accomplish over the next week that helps you take another step toward a big change you want to make in your life.

2. Identify one of your motivational triggers that will create a sense of urgency. It could be as simple as a deadline, holding yourself accountable to someone else or paying someone $100 if you don’t accomplish your task.

Here’s how Stephen manufactured urgency:

Make Yourself Accountable to Someone

Stephen doesn’t like letting people down. He manufactures urgency to motivate himself by making himself accountable to someone else.

If he needs to get something important done, he finds a way to make sure it directly affects someone else, so he doesn’t let them down. It can be as simple as telling updating his progress on a project or activity. The social pressure to avoid disappointing someone else motivates him to act.

Once we committed to this challenge during the hangout, that was enough to motivate Stephen to make sure both Cole and Chris followed through as well!

Share how you are going to manufacture urgency to motivate yourself to achieve your big goal. Post your thoughts below or email getunstuck@unstuckable.co or post it on our Facebook page


UnStuckable Quotes

“I found everything I love about firefighting in entrepreneurship.” Cole Hatter

“When I learned my neighbor was making $100,000 as a stay-at-home mom working part time in real estate, I knew I wanted to become a stay-at-home mom too.” Cole Hatter

“When an opportunity is in alignment with what I believe in, I go for it.” Cole Hatter

“I didn’t just have a desire for a certain type of lifestyle, I also pursued it.” Cole Hatter

“Yes doors opened for me, but it was because I was knocking.” Cole Hatter

” You can spend your life any way you want to spend it, but you can only spend it once.” John C. Maxwell

“What keeps me consistently motivated is surrounding myself with people who have what I want.” Cole Hatter

“I do what I enjoy doing or what only I can do and I outsource the rest.” Cole Hatter

“There are responsibilities and there are jobs, as an entrepreneur you need to know what the difference is.” Cole Hatter

“I am motivated to acquire skills that are applicable across the board.” Cole Hatter

“Instead of spending the majority of my time with my co-workers instead of my family and friends, I wanted to flip around that ratio.” Stephen Warley

“I believe the source of motivation comes from urgency.” Cole Hatter

“You can’t find motivation unless you have the urgency to create it.” Cole Hatter

Sources of Compunding Motivation

  1. Providing for yourself and your family.
  2. Hanging out with people who have what you want or are doing what you want to do.
  3. Don’t try to tackle everything each day. Focus on just a handful of activities that will give you the biggest impact. Cole picks one thing that “has to happen today” and picks two things that “need to happen today”.
  4. Have a firm morning routine to set the pace for the rest of your day.
  5. Focus on your strengths and what only you can do. Let go of the things you aren’t good at or get help doing them.
  6. Compound your motivation by combining two or more of your motvational triggers or look for ways to integrate your goals instead of viewing them as competing priorities.
  7. Identify your core purpose or “why” you want to do something to help you prioritize your limited time and energy.
  8. Acquire skills that can be applied to a variety of different fields, industries and disciplines, rather than skills that only have limited uses.
  9. Divide your life into your personal priorities and professional priorities. Choose one priority from each list to accomplish each day.
  10. Write down your key priorities on one a 3 x 5 card each day.
  11. Identify one of your existing habits that is taking away your energy, time and money from achieving your goal.
  12. Make a list of your most unproductive times throughout your day and replace it with a productive habit that will help you make the change you want in your life.
  13. Create artificial deadlines to create urgency to motivate you toward your goals.

More Habits & Actions

  • Early on in his life, Cole knew his basic work needs: helping others, didn’t want a desk job and wanted a flexible schedule.
  • He pursued a career as a firefighter at the age of 19 because it satisfied all of his work needs.
  • After his accident he discovered entrepreneurship as an alternative to meet his work needs of helping others and having a flexible work schedule.
  • As Cole recovered from his car accident, he got to know a husband and wife real estate team that inspired him to pursue a career in real estate.
  • On his wedding anniversary in 2011, his wife asked him if he could do anything he wanted, what would he do? He told her he wanted to be Tony Robbins and that one conversation sparked Cole’s speaking career.
  • When you tell someone your dream or write it down that is the beginning of your journey.
  • Cole has been able to accomplish what he has accomplished because he has been very clear about what he wanted to create and then went after it.

Alternative Perspectives

  • During Cole’s recover many people told him to go back to school or to get a job, but he knew that’s not what he wanted to do.
  • Instead of waiting for a life altering event to make the change you want in life, manufacture urgency instead to motivate yourself to make the change on your terms.
  • Motivation isn’t something we are born with, it’s something that comes from a sense of urgency.


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