Episode 083: Finding Freedom in Entrepreneurship With Melinda Yeaman

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Melinda Yeaman

Melinda Yeaman

Melinda Yeaman first became an entrepreneur to stay at home with her children.  She recently returned to her entrepreneurial path to attain more freedom in where and when she works. She achieved this goal as a partner of Outlier Magazine, an outlet for entrepreneurs that beat to their own drum. She’s also the host of the Outlier On Air podcast.

A couple of years ago Melinda left the corporate world to live a more authentic life. She built a digital marketing consultancy using the skills she learned from the corporate world.

Today she has a new video project in development for Outlier. It enables her to travel all over the country following entrepreneurs living their lives and celebrating what makes them unique. It turns out it’s the perfect role for Melinda, who wanted to generate her income from anywhere and on her own terms!

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Entrepreneurship can create time and location freedom!

Many people pursue the path to entrepreneurship for financial freedom, but more and more people want to become entrepreneurs so that they have more control over their lifestyle choices.

When Melinda became an entrepreneur for the first time, it was out of necessity because she still wanted to work while she was a stay-at-home mom.

She chose to become an entrepreneur for the second time for more control over how she used her time and where she lived. Melinda loves travel and knew she wanted to create a business that enabled her to work from anywhere.

If you are thinking about starting a business, take the time to understand why you are doing it, so you can align the most appropriate business model for the lifestyle you want to live.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Turn your dreams into goals.

Many times we get overwhelmed by our dreams. They seem unattainable because we have no idea where to begin. It’s important to think big and to be inspired by your dreams. However, if you want to turn your dreams into reality, break them down into actionable goals. Get started by:

1. Identifying how much time you can dedicate to thinking about or working on your dream each day. Even if it’s only five minutes, it’s better than nothing. You’d be surprised how much you can achieve by creating a small, consistent habit each day!

2. Creating “embarrassingly small tasks” each week to build momentum toward your goal. It can be something as simple as writing about your dream, doing research on the web, meeting someone for coffee who can help you, or looking for ways to save more money to help make your dream happen.

3. Tell people how you are working on making your dream a reality.  When people see you taking action on your dream, instead of just talking about it, they are much more willing to help you see your dream come true.

UnStuckable Quotes From Melinda

“I always wanted time and location freedom.”

“Entrepreneurship is not easier than a corporate job.”

“To build the vision we really want as entrepreneurs, we have to work our butts off, but it will give us the lifestyle we want in the long term.”

“During the first few years of your business you are a slave to your dream.”

“If you are thinking about being an entrepreneurship, trim down your expenses now and learn to live lean.”

“I’m so impulsive and love making memories.”

“What makes someone unstuckable is a drive to realize their vision that is as strong to them as the need to eat and breath.”

More Habits & Actions

  • When Melinda started her first business, she kept taking work without scaling for growth. She eventually learned the importance of creating systems the hard way.
  • After her first stint as an entrepreneur she jumped back into the corporate world for 10 years and picked up a ton of new skills and experiences she would use in later entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Melinda was put back on the path to entrepreneurship when she got laid off, but had been doing a lot of research and planning the year before on her business ideas.
  • To test whether she could work for someone else again, she thought of her dream companies she deeply admired and asked herself if she would even want to work for them.
  • After she was laid off, she and her family left Dallas to live in a small town in southern Utah that helped dramatically reduce their living expenses.
  • Melinda had a vision to follow entrepreneurs around the country to observe how they worked and a year later she found herself doing exactly what she had been thinking about.

Alternative Perspectives

  • Melinda first became an entrepreneur when she became a mom because she wanted to be able to stay home with her children.
  • Spending money on experiences is more important to Melinda and her family than spending money on possessions.
  • Melinda doesn’t want to generate income by trading her time for dollars, but is doing digital marketing consulting as a short-term income opportunity.


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