Episode 080: If You Stop Learning, You’ll Get Stuck

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If you aren’t practicing this habit, you’ll most definitely get stuck in your career! We’re joined by Dave Shepherd who’s so good at this habit that’s how he became unstuckable.

During this week’s Live Google+ Hangout and Freedom Friday podcast we’ll discuss why you’ll get stuck if you don’t have a learning habit.  If you currently don’t have one, we’ll discuss the key ingredients for becoming a self-motivated learner.

Dave, a sales manager at HubSpot, world traveller and owner of a couple of side business, is joining the show for the third time because this guy is constantly learning about so many different things in so many different ways, he’ll show you how can make learning fun again!

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Key UnStuckable Takeaway

 If you stop learning, you’ll get stuck!

One of the most critical UnStuckable habits is learning through curiosity. For most people, their habit for learning has been dictated by someone else; either by school, parents or employers.

Most of the stuff we are naturally curious about doesn’t seem practical or we don’t understand how it can help advance our careers.

When you are discovering your own habit for self-motivated learning, what you are learning about is less important than learning how you like to learn.

Choose what you want to learn and how you want to learn about it, so you’ll be inspired to create regular learning goals and become unstuckable!

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Discover your learning style by learning something you are curious about. 

If you don’t enjoy learning or view it as a miserable process, there’s a darn good change you never discovered your preferred habit for learning.

The key ingredient to becoming a self-motivated learner is by giving yourself over to what makes you curious. Don’t worry if what you want to learn is practical or will help advance your career. This exercise is all about learning about how you enjoy to learn. Get started by:

1. Write the very first thing that pops into your head that you really enjoy or would like to learn more about (remember don’t be practical, be curious!)

2. Once you identify the subject you are most curious about, think about how you want to learn more about it. Will you surf the web? Will you find YouTube videos? Will you talk to someone about it? Will you create an experiment? Whatever way you want to start learning about it, go for it!

3. Throughout the process you might want to keep a journal to write down quick notes about your most exciting learning moments and your most miserable ones. This will help you discover your unique learning habit.

Remember, learn on your own terms. Learn what you are naturally curious about and choose the method of learning that gets you most excited.

Share your craziest learning habit or your unique method for learning. Post your thoughts below or email getunstuck@unstuckable.co or post it on our Facebook page


UnStuckable Quotes

“At some point in my life I discovered I have control over what goes into my learning funnel.” Dave Shepherd

“In school I just did the work to get the grades. I didn’t think about developing myself.” Dave Shepherd

“This curiosity thing just snowballs. I just like this process of learning so much.” Dave Shepherd

“Whenever you go down a path, you are going to learn something. There’s always unintended learning.” Dave Shepherd

“After attending the World Domination Summit, I’m just covered in knowledge.” Stephen Warley

“If you aren’t continually learning, you’re decaying.” Dave Shepherd

“Stop allowing people to tell you what you need to learn.” Stephen Warley

“Mastering your skills for your current position, doesn’t mean they are a good fit for your next role.” Dave Shepherd

“There is no vacation I go on that I don’t try to return more tired than I left.” Dave Shepherd

“Give yourself permission to be curious.” Stephen Warley

“You learn the most when you struggle.” Dave Shepherd

“When you are learn something new, don’t get so frustrated that you give up.” Dave Shepherd

“Let your curiosity motive your learning, don’t worry about why you are learning something.” Dave Shepherd

“Learn on your own terms.” Stephen Warley

More Habits & Actions

  • Dave was motivated to do well in high school because he saw it as a form of competition.
  • He discovered his own internal self motivation for learning in college when his brother gave him a book about personal finance and he couldn’t put it down.
  • Dave is so curious about so many different things that he often doesn’t finish things, but his knowledge from different disciplines blends into one another.
  • Stephen spends roughly 10 to 15 minutes a day learning Portuguese to teach himself the power of small, actionable habits.
  • Commit to a small learning habit and see what you learn in a week or two.
  • The key to finding your motivation for learning is to discover when you are enthralled or “in flow” when you are discovering something new.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help when you are stuck in your learning process.
  • Have regularly learning goals, so you are continually acquiring new skills that are transferable to multiple industries.
  • As you tap into your natural curiosity for learning, you will find the time to learn more easily than ever before.
  • When Stephen needs to solve a problem, he first looks for solutions on the web and after an hour he seeks out an expert to answer his specific questions.

Alternative Perspectives

  • Most of our learning habit has been prompted by someone else telling us what we need to learn. Becoming UnStuckable means developing your own curiosity for learning and learning about subjects that interest you.
  • When you learn about something, it often helps you learn about something else in a way you could never have imagined.
  • Find time to learn by identifying your less productive moments throughout your day like watching TV, surfing the web or driving.
  • Be open to learning from a variety of different sources and people because you just never know where the missing piece to your puzzle might come from.
  • As you learn, don’t worry about achieving perfection, enjoy the process of learning.
  • Learn to identify yourself by the skills you have learned, so you can use them in creative ways to solve problems and find new work opportunities.
  • The goal of learning is not simply to acquire knowledge or new skills, but an exercise to discover how you enjoy learning.
  • There are two type of learning: consuming and creating. You need to find the balance between consuming someone else’s ideas and when to start to experimenting on your own.
  • One of the most effective methods for developing relationships is by learning from others and sharing your knowledge as well.
  • Define your own learning goals, don’t let someone else set them for you.


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