Episode 076: How Stewardship Created Abundance for Josh Elledge

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Josh Elledge SavingsAngelJosh Elledge, founder and Chief Angel of SavingsAngel.com and host of the 90 Days to Abundance podcast wants to end the feelings of lack and need in your life by teaching you about stewardship and abundance. He got started on his path to abundance by tackling his family’s monthly grocery bill.

He launched SavingsAngel.com, a database of 5,000+ coupons, just before the Great Recession began in 2008 and before anyone even knew about extra couponing. He says the business was born out of necessity. His previous business was failing (he’s experienced six business failures in his career) and he was looking for his next idea.

He had been reading The Richest Man in Babylon around this time. He learned about the concepts of stewardship and abundance. He started putting together a budget for his family’s spending for the first time, when he zeroed in on their grocery bill. Josh, his wife and three children were spending $700 to $900 a month on consumables, but he had no idea on what!

He decided to cut the family’s grocery bill in half. He did it by creating a system of “stacking” coupons on sales, providing him with dramatically more savings than using coupons alone. His new obsession with coupons gave birth to his next business idea, SavingsAngel.com. Over the last seven years he has generated $4 million in sales!

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Stewardship and abundance go hand in hand!

The stewardship mindset involves taking only what you need and taking care of what you have as if it were on loan to you.

When you focus only on what you need, you start to see how much you have. You might even discover you have more than you need in many different aspects of your life.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Embrace the winters of your life when you feel stuck.

If you think about your life in terms of seasons:

  • Winter is the season when you feel stuck and spend time contemplating your next path.
  • Spring is the time to plant new seeds and learn something new.
  • Summer is a time of great growth.
  • Fall is the harvest of all your efforts before you begin a new transition and cycle.

All too often we look at being “stuck” or the winter of our lives as a negative. Think of it as a positive and as a necessary step in your cycle of growth. It’s a time to reflect, ponder and assess your your needs for happiness. Without this period of self assessment, you would not be able to focus confidently on your next opportunity.

If you don’t have a regularly habit for reflecting on your life, let’s get you started!

1. Set a specific time for 20 minutes of reflection each day.

2. Identify an activity that lets your mind wander effortlessly like going for a walk, staring out a window or going for a drive.

3. Once a week, write down what you’ve been thinking about and why you have been thinking about it so often.

Giving yourself time to reflect helps slow your life down, so you have the time and space to see patterns in your behaviors and to understand the direction you want your life to take.

UnStuckable Quotes From Josh

“Like any diehard entrepreneur there is no way I’ll go to the alternative and get a traditional job.”

“My insides told me I was not on the path of what I was suppose to do.”

“I’ve left perfectly good jobs and businesses because I knew there was something else inside me that needed to come out.”

“You need to embrace fear. You need to embrace feeling uncomfortable.”

“There is no growth when you stay in your comfort zone.”

“Success leaves clues.”

“My life is about searching for things that seem difficult or uncomfortable.”

“I’m ambitiously lazy.”

“Fortune is found where preparation meets opportunity.”

“I’m a big believer in systems.”

“My greatest success, always follow my greatest failures.”

“UnStuckable people are interested in growing and learning.”

Josh’s Three Components of Abundance

More Habits & Actions

  • Josh is very aware of when he is stuck because he feels simultaneously  frustrated and confused.
  • When Josh chose to lose weight he researched lots of other people who successfully lost weight to see how they did it, so he could replicate their habits. He ended up losing 60 pounds in six months.
  • To achieve a big goal, Josh breaks down his goal into day-to-day activities, so he knows what it will take to get him there.
  • As you learned about the concept of stewardship after reading The Richest Man in Babylon, he became obsessed with the money his family was spending on consumables.
  • To cut your grocery bill in half, you have to stake coupons on top of the best sales.
  • Josh spends time building systems on the front end, so he can save time over the long term.
  • Before you buy anything, do a quick search online for a promo or discount code, as well as coupons.

Alternative Perspectives

  • Even if the path you are on isn’t going well, but you still can’t imagine doing anything else, then stick with it.
  • Embrace discomfort in order to growth personally and professionally.
  • If you want to achieve the same results as someone who is doing what you want to do then you need to replicate their behavior.
  • Challenges in life inspire us to say to ourselves, “If I can do that, I can do anything.”



90 Days to Abundance podcast

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

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