Episode 075: Want More Control? Learn This Habit

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Mike Sokolowski DudesDay Podcast

Mike Sokolowski

Learn about one of the most important UnStuckable habits to help you gain more control. It’s a soft skill you’ve probably never been taught, but it’s probably the most crucial skill for gaining control and getting unstuck.

During this week’s Live Google+ Hangout and Freedom Friday podcast we’ll discuss one of the most important and often overlooked UnStuckable habits: reflection and mindlessness.  We’re joined by our guest Mike Sokolowski, host of the DudesDay podcast, helping evolve “the dude” to have loftier conversations.

We invited Mike to discuss this topic with us because he has lots of first hand knowledge and experience with reflection and mindfulness. Over the last few years he’s tried meditation, yoga, Adderall, a sensory deprivation tank, reading about Buddhism and even working with a life coach. He’ll also share some simple exercises to help you start your own reflection and mindfulness practice.

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Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Begin a reflection and mindfulness habit to reduce your stress and make more effective use of your limited time and energy!

Even if you are skeptical about the impact of developing a reflection or mindfulness habit, you might as well try it. You’ve got nothing to lose and it’s free. If anything, you might discover that reflection and mindfulness may make you feel less stressed and even more productive!

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Practice one reflection or mindfulness exercise below for one week.

If you are feeling stuck mindfulness can be a wonderful habit to help get you unstuck.  Try just one of the exercises below for one week.

You’ll be more successful with some of the exercises below by committing to a specific time of day to practice them.

After you’ve practiced your reflection and mindfulness exercise for a week, observe how you feel or any other changes in your life that may have results from your practice.

Reflection & Mindfulness Exercises

  1. Write about your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. (Try writing by hand instead of typing to slow your thoughts down.)
  2. Call the 10 most important people in your life and ask them to describe who you are as an individual or how you make them feel.
  3. Leave no trace behind in one room of your house. Each time you enter that room, leave it the exact same way you found it.
  4. Write down 10 ideas you have to make your life better or to make the world a better place each day.
  5. Keep a work diary each day by writing about what went well that day, what didn’t go well and what is the most important task you want to accomplish for the next day.
  6. Track your feelings by writing down your most positive feeling and your most negative feeling each day for 30 days. Give context to why you had those feelings.
  7. Make a list of everything you are afraid of and why.
  8. Recording yourself telling the story of your career from the very beginning to where you are today.
  9. Remove all electronic devices from your bedroom.
  10. Meditate in your seat at work.
  11. Take a walk every day to reflect on and to process your thoughts.

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UnStuckable Quotes

“When stuff that bothers me comes up early on, I’ve learned to deal with it, so it doesn’t keep festering.” Mike Sokolowski

“If you are able to understand a new perspective, you will be able to change your mindset and look at things in a different way.” Mike Sokolowski

“Mindfulness is the attitude you bring toward anything you experience.” Mike Sokolowski

“Reflection is thinking about what you are thinking about without judgement.”  Chris Wilson

“The habit of reflection and mindfulness is about learning to slow your life down.” Stephen Warley

“Anger is exhausting. I don’t want to waste my energy on being angry.” Stephen Warley

“I declutter my head by decluttering my surroundings.” Stephen Warley

“Whatever you are afraid of is probably the thing you want to do the most too.” Mike Sokolowski

“When you are stressed out, just breath. Deep breaths handling everything.” Mike Sokolowski

More Habits & Actions

  • Mike’s first step on his journey to reflection and mindfulness was making an appointment with a therapist.
  • Minimize as many distractions like your phone, instant messaging, email or Facebook as possible to help optimize the focus on your work.
  • Reflection is the process of being aware of how you feel about someone’s actions or your own and making a choice about how you will respond more objectively.
  • As you practice meditation, allowing yourself to have thoughts, but give yourself permission to let those thoughts go and pass out of your mind.
  • Take the time to recognize your positive and negative feelings to give them context about why you are having them.
  • Practicing reflection and mindfulness enables you to define success on your terms.

Alternative Perspectives

  • Everyone’s attention span is more stretched today than ever before by the endless distractions of modern communication and life.
  • Email, texting and social media probably contribute more to a reduction in productivity in the American workplace than anything else.
  • Nothing you observe in the world is really good or bad. Your upbringing, the culture you’ve been taught or even your own personal programming has created those labels.
  • Be more mindful about the information your brain is consuming.
  • For anyone who is resistant to the idea of reflection and mindfulness, think of it as a practice to make more effective use of your limited time and energy.


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