Episode 070: The Secret to Getting Unstuck in Your Career

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With 60+ podcasts under our belt, you might be wondering, what is the mission of UnStuckable? We want to teach you the habits to help you gain control over your energy, time and money to get you unstuck, find your path and achieve your big goal.

During this week’s Live Google+ Hangout and Freedom Friday podcast we’ll also discuss the nine UnStuckable habits we’ve identified so far in the 100+ interviews we have conducted with unstuckable people since we started this project.

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Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Becoming unstuckable means taking control of your energy, time and money through the use of small habits to redesign your life around your true purpose!

Your life is the sum of your habits both good and bad. Most of us aren’t aware of the impact of our habits. Becoming intentionally aware of your habits will help you make better use of your limited energy, time and money to help you achieve a big goal or to make a big change in your life.

The UnStuckable habits identify below have been used in varying degrees and combinations by all of the 100+ unstuckable people we have interviewed since we started this project. Whether they wanted to start a business, spend more time on a passion project or wanted more control over their life.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Pick one UnStuckable habit below to start working on it for one week.

The UnStuckable habits below are more useful or impactful depending on where you are on your path. Here are some recommendations:

A. Want Change, But Don’t Have a Goal

Purging and simplifying.

Daily reflection and mindfulness.

B. Have a Goal, Starting to Work on Transition

Hanging out with like-minded people.

Making your goal your identity.

C. In the Middle of Your Transition, But Stuck

Embracing discomfort.

Learning through curiosity.

Core UnStuckable Habits

1. Hanging out with like-minded people.

Spend more time with people who want the same change you want or are doing whatever it is you want to do.

2. Daily reflection and mindfulness.

Schedule time every day to recognize and process your thoughts about where you are on your path and where you want to go.

3. Purging and simplifying.

Continually eliminate possessions, obligations and even digital waste as an ongoing exercise to see what is currently most important to you and what is not.

4. Making your goal your identity.

Learn how to tell your story about what you want to do and how you are going to do it.

5. Building your financial runway.

Save a year’s worth of money to cover all of your living expenses, so you can confidently transition between income sources.

6. Learning through curiosity.

Never stop learning and set learning goals for yourself.

7. Compounding your motivation.

Find ways to integrate your goals and interests, instead of viewing them as competing priorities.

8. Communicating your needs and your value.

Explain how you are most productive and the circumstances to make you succeed.

9. Embracing discomfort.

Continually challenge yourself, so you continually growth both personally and professionally.

10. Motion.

Lack of intentional physical movement draws a clear parallel to feeling stuck in your overall life.

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UnStuckable Quotes

“If you don’t have a goal for your career, your goal becomes yourself and working on your habits.” Chris Wilson

“Use your current job as a way to fund your transition toward your next work opportunity.” Stephen Warley

“Stop looking for your dream job and start creating your dream work flow every day.” Stephen Warley

“I think about the times I’ve been most productive in my life and it’s not what I’m doing, it’s how I’m doing it.” Chris Wilson

“Don’t network only when you want a new job, you should never stop networking.” Stephen Warley

More Habits & Actions

  • Find the thread that ties all of you different career experiences together to help define the value of your skills and abilities.
  • Good habits buffer against your temptation to procrastinate on something you really want to work on.
  • Habits help make large goals less overwhelming by converting tasks and activities into daily achievable goals.
  • Use benchmarks to identify when your habits are breaking down, so you are aware when you need to realign them. It’s important to identify your own unique benchmarks based on your behaviors and needs.
  • It’s important to clearly identify what it is you want to do and how you want to do it, so more people can easily refer opportunities to you.
  • Habits aren’t a temporary solution, they become part of the continual flow of your life.

Alternative Perspectives

  • Your personal habits are the new “constant” in your career that will provide you with stability as you transition from work opportunity to work opportunity as an employee, contractor or entrepreneur.
  • Small, consistent habits are the key to long-term success.
  • Habits provide a framework to align your limited personal resources of energy, time and money toward your big goal.
  • “Your true purpose” is the combination of your passion, your natural abilities, skills you’ve acquired and your needs for happiness.
  • Being stuck can be one of the most positive experiences in your life because it’s a time to reflect on how you really want to spend your time.
  • Career transitions take time and don’t happen over night.
  • When you switch careers, most likely you will have to take a pay cut.  However, the length of time to regain your prior income level will be shorter compared to the time it took to reach that level of income for the first time in your career path.
  • Understanding your core habits helps you better explain your core needs for happiness and the value of your skills to potential employers or clients.
  • Habits show you how much more control over your life you have then you might think.


Almost 40% of Americans will be independent contractors by 2020.

Millennials change jobs an average of every two years. 

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