Episode 069: Listen First to Have a Meaningful Conversation Says Warren Whitlock

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Warren Whitlock Twitter Revolution

Warren Whitlock

Social media guru Warren Whitlock says the secret to using social media effectively to build your personal brand is to listen and have meaningful conversations. Warren currently has almost 190,000 followers on Twitter and was named one of the top 50 social media influencers of 2013 by Forbes.

A reoccurring theme throughout his career has been his ability for the art of conversation. For years he sold radio advertising to local businesses in California where he learned that listening to their needs and challenges would help him become more successful.

In 2008 he wrote Twitter Revolution, the first book about Twitter. He regards social media is nothing more than a conversation online, expect now he can have thousands of conversations throughout the day. He wrote his second book, Profitable Social Media, to inspire businesses to understand the conversational power of social media.

For Warren the art of conversation isn’t lost, is a more important skill than ever!

Key UnStuckable Takeaway

Have a meaningful conversation!

Warren has two key rules for using social media effectively: 1) Listen and 2) Love.

He believes social media is nothing more than a meaningful conversation online.  It loses it’s effectiveness when tweets turn into promotions trying to sell you something.

He crafted his art of conversation after years of listening to the needs and challenges of local businesses owners when he called on them when he sold radio advertising.

Quick Action to Get Unstuck

Start listening better by taking notes.

Whether we all like to hear it or not, most of us our “passive listeners”.  We’re listening, but everything we hear isn’t necessarily going into our heads.

Becoming an “active listener” involves intense focus on the person speaking with you. Listening more actively will help minimize misunderstandings and paying attention can save you time. Get started becoming a more active listener by:

1. Creating a dedicated place for recorded your notes as you actively listen. You can keep a small notebook in your pocket or use a notepad on your phone.

2. Commit to taking notes when you are talking to someone one-on-one. Ask them first if it’s ok if you take notes. The act of taking notes will show them you are paying close attention.

3. Create an experiment by taking notes in a meeting and not taking notes in a meeting. In which scenario do you recall more information?

UnStuckable Quotes From Warren

“You should be treating people good every day, not just on Sunday.”

“I’m not self employed because I would never hire someone like me. I’m totally unemployable.”

“Life is our connections and the stories we share.”

“You get ahead in life by helping other people get what they want.”

More Habits & Actions

  • Warren uses social media to have a genuine conversation with people, not to market or promote.
  • He spent most of his career in sales, but when he sold broadcast advertising, he used the “consultative sales approach”. He ask his clients about the challenges and needs, then made recommendations on how he could help them.
  • In radio advertising sales, Warren learned discussing products on the air conversationally was more effective than promoting those same products using commercials.
  • Warren’s motivation comes from his desire to help other people.
  • Even with his massive Twitter following, Warren focuses only on the person he is tweeting with at any given time.
  • Warren believes the more people he connects with the more work he is getting done.
  • Posting blog comments is more effective than posting blog articles according to Warren because it involves you in someone else’s conversation.

Alternative Perspectives

  • Warren doesn’t believe business has to be a zero sum game. Someone doesn’t have to lose in order for someone else to be successful.
  • Sales can be a vocation to help people and find solutions to their problems.
  • Warren’s biggest pet peeve when it comes to Twitter is when people don’t listen.
  • Warren doesn’t believe multitasking is effective.


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